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Effective December 13, 2022, BWSR has revised the suite of urban stormwater practices available for grantees to report in eLINK in the work plan activity categories for Urban Stormwater Management and Non-Structural Management Practices. The primary purpose for the update is to better reflect the types of current stormwater management practices/technologies being implemented and provide consistency with current NRCS Field Office Technical Guide and Minnesota Stormwater Manual practices.

A summary of changes include:

  • Updated practice type names and descriptions:

    • 155M Stormwater Retention Basins
    • 164M Sediment Removal (new name)
    • 393 Filter Strip
    • 410 Grade Stab Structure
    • 468 Line WW & Outlet
    • 636M Water Reuse
    • 712M Bioretention Basin
    • 803M Infiltration Practices (new name)
    • 804M Permeable Surfaces
    • 805M Green roof
    • 806M Turf Management
    • 563M Chemical Treatment (new name)
  • Creation of new urban stormwater management practices:

    • 415M Vegetate Swales
    • 811M Filtration Practices
    • 812M Screening, Straining, or Hydrodynamic Separation Practices
    • 813M Storage and Settling Practices
  • Elimination of certain practices available to report under the Urban Stormwater Management activity category:

    • 330 Contour Farming
    • 350 Sediment Basin
    • 362 Diversion
    • 412 Grassed WW & Swales
    • 472 Access Control
    • 533 Pumping Plant
    • 560 Access Road
    • 561 Heavy Use Area Protection
    • 638 WASCB


The revisions will be reflected in eLINK and eLINK guidance in January 2023 so that grantees will be able to utilize new and revised practices in annual grant reporting. Please note it is our expectation that grantees will not need to update previously reported urban practices in active grants.


Gwen Steel
Grants and Reporting Specialist