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About the Technical Training and Certification Program

The Technical Training and Certification Program is a collaborative effort between MASWCD, MACDE, NRCS and BWSR, and is designed to efficiently provide training to develop and maintain a highly trained, technically skilled workforce of natural resource professionals capable of meeting the conservation delivery needs of Minnesota. The partnership established a renewed commitment and partnership for technical training in Minnesota and is committed to providing resources and leadership to achieve program goals, including:

    • a streamlined and coordinated approach to assessing needs and delivering training
    • increasing opportunities for obtaining job approval authority for conservation practices

    Technical Training and Certification Strategy

    In order to achieve these goals, the partnership created a Technical Training and Certification Strategy (pdf)  designed to provide a framework for development of training and credentialing for local conservation professionals.  

    The purpose of the technical training and certification strategy is to provide a framework for development of training and credentialing for local conservation professionals. Seven strategies were advanced by the partnership to achieve this purpose.

    1. Core Competencies – Core competencies form the foundation for all technical services.  Core competency training in Soils, Water Quality and Conservation Planning will be provided to all conservation district employees and NRCS field staff.
    2. Priority Resource Concerns and Practices – Priority resource concerns and conservation practices will be identified at the local level.  Requisite technical skills for employees will be identified based on these local priorities.
    3. Individual Development Plans – Employees providing technical services create individual development plans based on local priority resource concerns and conservation practices.
    4. Training Needs Inventory – An annual technical training needs inventory will identify conservation planning and technical training needs.
    5. Training Roles and Responsibilities - NRCS, BWSR, MASWCD, and MACDE will identify the roles of each organization in providing long term support and/or delivery of technical training.  This will ensure that a complete suite of training is predictably and consistently available to meet the training needs identified through the training needs inventory process.
    6. Credentialing - The system ensuring that employees providing technical services in Minnesota are qualified to implement conservation practices and activities includes certification, obtaining job approval authority, and/or other means to achieve credentialing.  The current NRCS job/technical approval authority structure may provide guidance and/or is part of the credentialing system for many of these requirements.
    7. Continuing Education and Training – Technical training opportunities are continually evaluated and prioritized so technical staff can maintain and increase technical competency.


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      Jon Sellnow
      Technical Training and Certification Program Coordinator
      Aaron Peter
      Training Engineer - Southern Region
      Kelly Voigt
      Northern Regional Training Conservationist
      Lawrence Svien
      Southern Regional Training Conservationist
      Amanda Deans
      Regional Training Engineer
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      Northern Regional Training Engineer