WCA topics of the week are a series of informal fact sheets that provide practical information on WCA program implementation in a question and answer format. They are intended to better clarify and summarize certain aspects of WCA implementation and should be considered as supplemental to WCA statutes, rules and any associated BWSR guidance and policy. Information in these fact sheets are subject to change over time. Topics are arranged by general categories below:

WCA Regulation

REVISED Ditches, Drainage Projects, and WCA (Appendix revised April 15, 2021)

Stormwater Ponds and Wetlands (pdf)  Streams and WCA (pdf)  WCA and Lakeshores (pdf)  Swampbuster and WCA (pdf)

Utility Line Projects (pdf)   Excavation in Wetlands (pdf)  Posts and Pilings in Wetlands (pdf) 

Local Government Road Wetland Replacement Program (pdf) Wetland Replacement Credits (pdf) 

Wetland Replacement: Banking vs Project-Specific (pdf) Ditches, Drainage Projects, and WCA (pdf-revised 4/15/2021) 

WCA and Conservation Programs/Practices (pdf) Wetland Avoidance and Minimization (pdf)

WCA Administrative Process/Procedures

Complete Applications (pdf)  Technical Evaluation Panel (pdf)  Delegation and WCA (pdf) 

WCA LGUs & Projects with Multiple LGUs (pdf)  Restoration and Replacement Orders (pdf)     

Wetland Delineation/Determinations 

Growing Season and Wetland Delineations (pdf)  

Wetland Delineation Methods & Practical Considerations (pdf)


Cade Steffenson
Wetland Specialist