SWCD comprehensive plans were included in Minnesota's original district law (1938 Supplement to Mason’s Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 44A Soil Conservation). The purpose of the comprehensive and annual plans is to plan for the management and protection of the resources of the district,  see Minnesota Statutes §103C.331, Subd. 11. Additionally, both plans are a statutory requirement for districts requesting funding from the state, see Minnesota Statutes Chapter 103C.501, Subd. 2. An alternative to compiling and amending a SWCD comprehensive plan is to adopt the county’s local comprehensive water management plan as the SWCD's official comprehensive plan.

Plan Requirements

SWCD comprehensive plans:

  • specify practices to implement the state policy specified in section 103A.206

  • include a classification of the soil types within the district as determined by the Minnesota Cooperative Soil Survey.

  • identify the areas within the district where erosion, sedimentation, and related water quality problems appear most in need of control methods.

  • are consistent with the statewide framework water resources plan, the statewide water quality management plan, and the state board's soil and water program plan.