Buffer planting along a ditch

The BWSR Technical Quality Assurance policy in the Grants Administration Manual (GAM) requires use of appropriate practice standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance of conservation practices funded by BWSR programs.  USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) conservation practice standards contained in Section IV – Practice Standards and Specifications of the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide (FOTG) for Minnesota, or other applicable standards, can be used.  This includes other practice standards and specifications defined by a licensed professional designer of record for a project, or practice standards otherwise approved by BWSR.

The FOTG conservation practice standards contain information about why and where the different conservation practices apply, and set forth the minimum quality criteria that must be met during the application of that practice, in order for it to achieve its intended purpose(s).  Unless otherwise directed by statute, rule or grant program policy, vegetative practices funded by BWSR programs must also follow the BWSR Native Vegetation Establishment and Enhancement Guidelines.

NRCS conservation practice Implementation Requirements are companion documents to practice standards. These documents provide detailed guidance on the design and application of the practice and can be used to document the practice design and implementation for a specific site. Conservation practice Implementation Requirements are available for a limited number of practices, together with the applicable practice standard, in Section IV of the FOTG. Sections I, II, III and V of the FOTG provide additional technical conservation information and references.