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MWPCP Class Registration Information

Registration for all August-October classes will open the week of June 24th.  Email reminders will go out to the MWPCP and BWSR Wetland Conservation Act email contact lists for both of those registration dates.  


2024 MWPCP Training Courses:

The MWPCP courses listed below are categorized as technical training (focused on wetland delineation), regulatory training (focused on implementing the MN Wetland Conservation Act), regional training (covering both technical and regulatory topics relevant to that part of the State), and the Introduction to Wetland Delineation and Regulation Class which covers the fundamentals of both wetland delineation and regulation.  All classes are eligible for MWPCP continuing education credit hours.  


Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) 101 Virtual Training- February 5-6 (3 online CEC per day)

This repeat virtual course is intended for individuals who are new to the wetland business in MN.  The course will walk through each major section of the Wetland Conservation Act.  The course is specifically geared towards new Local Government Unit (LGU) and Technical Evaluation Panel members but is very useful for all wetland delineators who want to understand the regulatory world of wetlands in Minnesota.  Experienced professionals could also take this course as a refresher.  

Day One (Feb 5, 8:30am-noon)- Introduction to wetland regulatory programs in MN, Purpose and scope of the WCA, Local Government Unit (LGU) duties, Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) procedures, WCA application procedures, and enforcement procedures.

Day Two (Feb 6, 8:30am-noon)- Common WCA decisions, wetland replacement plans, and wetland banking.


Introduction to Wetland Delineation and Regulations (27 CEC)

The course provides an introduction to both wetland delineation and wetland regulations in Minnesota.  Most days involve a field exercise.  Successful completion of the course qualifies individuals to take the Professional In-Training exam which is administered on the last day of the class.  Class fee: $975 ($475 for SWCD or WCA LGU).

Introduction to Wetland Delineation and Regulations: Arden Hills- June 10-14

Introduction to Wetland Delineation and Regulations: Brainerd - September 9-13

Introduction to Wetland Delineation and Regulations: Arden Hills- September 30-October 4


Technical Training (6 CEC per day)

Hydric Soils- Albany City Hall and Two Rivers County Park, Stearns County- April 30 & May 1 (6 CEC per day)

This class will open with lectures on hydric soil development on glacial landforms, landscape position of wetlands in the eastern broadleaf forests of MN, common hydric soil indicators, and offsite resources such as the soil survey, LIDAR and aerial photography.  Participants will spend the afternoon in field stations with soil scientists writing soil profile descriptions, interpreting soil catinas along landscapes, and identifying hydric soil indicators.  Participants can choose either date as they will be identical courses. This course is being offered in collaboration with the MN Association of Professional Soil Scientists.  Class fee: $60 

Wetland Restoration-McLeod County Fairgrounds- May 15-16 (12 CEC)

This two day intermediate course will provide the foundation of wetland restoration.  It is recommended for SWCD and NRCS staff who have at least a beginners level understanding of wetland delineation and who want to advance their knowledge in applying those concepts to successfully restore wetlands in both conservation or mitigation projects.  This course is being offered in collaboration with the BWSR Technical Training and Certification Program.  Class fee: $120 for both days.

Wetland Delineation Methods- Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center- Spicer- May 29-31 (18 CEC)

This three-day applied course will provide an introduction to the 3-parameter approach of wetland delineation.  Topics will include: wetland delineation methods, classification systems, hydrology indicators, hydric soil indicators, vegetation dominance tests and delineation reports.  All days involve a field exercise to apply the skills.   Each participant will participate in a field practicum on the final day.  Note this course does not cover wetland regulations.  Class fee: $600 ($300 for SWCD or WCA LGU).

Floristic Quality Assessment (FQA) Method- MNDOT Shoreview Training Center – June 17 or 18 (6 CEC per day)

This course is intended for wetland professionals with a basic understanding of botany and functional assessments who want to familiarize themselves with the FQA method.  The course will cover the key concepts and components of the Rapid FQA, field sampling protocol, metric calculations, and reporting.  Participants can choose either date as they will be identical courses. Class fee: $60 

Wetland Plant ID- Lino Lakes (July 16) or Cloquet Forestry Center (July 18) (6 CEC per day)

The course will cover the basic concepts of plant identification, mapping plant communities, the ecologic role of plant communities in landscapes, wetland restoration, installation, and management.  Participants can choose either date as they will be identical courses taught at two different venues. Class fee: $60.  (Please note that an additional lunch cost for catering at the Cloquet Forestry Center may be applied at the time of registration.)

Antecedent Precipitation Tool- St Cloud MNDOT Training Center- October 22 (2 sessions) (3 CEC per session)

Topics covered will include an introduction to the Army Corps Antecedent Precipitation Tool and interpreting the data while utilizing offsite methods in wetland delineations. This course will be offered as two identical sessions (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) on the same day and location.  Class fee: $30 per session 


Regulatory Training 

MWPCP Regulatory training is intended for Local Government Unit (LGU) staff, Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) members and other professionals who implement the MN Wetland Conservation Act.  

TEP Academy- St Cloud MNDOT Training Facility- April 9 (6 CEC)

This course is intended for professionals who serve on a Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) implementing WCA.  The course is designed to focus on roles, procedures, important concepts and some common scenarios TEP members encounter.  Participants should have some basic level knowledge of how the WCA is implemented but direct experience on a TEP is not required.  Class fee: $60 


Regional Training

MWPCP regional training courses are intended for wetland professionals at all levels and prospectives.  The two-day courses cover a wide range of topics and are typically split into a regulatory day with an emphasis on implementing the WCA and a technical day with an emphasis on the 3 parameters of wetland delineation in that region of the State.       

Redwood Falls Community Center – August 27-28 (6 CEC per day)

This two-day intermediate course will work through WCA enforcement cases and assessing WCA impacts.  The session will also include a LGU and consultant panel conversation discussing various application types.  Day two will cover a regional overview of the geology, soils and landscape position of wetlands in the glacial plains, Chapter 5 of the Corps Regional Supplement, Common indicators of HGM classes, and a field delineation exercise.  Class fee: $60 per day 


Professional Certification Exams

Both the MWPCP Professional and Professional In-Training Exams will be offered at 1pm on the Friday of the 2024 Basic Classes.  

The 2024 exam dates are June 14 in Arden Hills, September 13 in Brainerd, October 4 in Arden Hills. 

Remember that per the MWPCP certification exam policy, anyone who intends to take either the Professional or the Professional In-Training exams are required to complete and submit an application to take the exam.  The exception are Introduction Class participants who intend to take the Professional In-Training exam at the end of the Introduction Class they attend.  They do not need to apply as they qualify for the In-Training exam upon completion of the course.  Exam applications must be submitted and approved prior to taking the exam.

The application fee to take either certification exam is $60 ($30 for SWCD or WCA LGU).


Upcoming Events Approved for Continuing Education Hours (non-MWPCP sponsored)

Advanced Sedges of Minnesota- Three Day Identification Workshop- July 17-July 19, 2024.  Sponsored by Critical Connections Ecological Services – 18 continuing education credit hours for MWPCP.  Must have proof of participation (i.e. certificate, email confirmation, etc.).

Note that if you attend any of these events you must submit a Credit Hour Reporting Form to receive the approved credits for your continuing education requirements. The reporting form can only be submitted after you attend.


Link to List of Completed MWPCP Events for the Current Renewal Period

Participants do not need to submit a Credit Hour Reporting Form for these MWPCP continuing education hours.  Also note that pre-registration will not be required for the virtual MWPCP events.  Participation will be confirmed by documenting active participants and the completion of a survey at the end of the event. 

Link to Complete List of Events Approved for Continuing Education Hours (non-MWPCP sponsored)

Note that if you attended any of these events you must submit a Credit Hour Reporting Form to receive the approved credits for your continuing education requirements.



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