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Online Learning
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Training calendar
Title Date Time Location Subject Skill Source Registration Deadline Description
Tech Talks - 1:00


Tech Talks is a online training series organized by the Technical Training and Certification Program. Rotating speakers cover a wide variety of…

Pasture Condition Scoring and Estimating Forage Production - 9:00-3:00 Livestock Managed Grazing Systems


A full day field training on Pasture Condition Scoring (PCS) and Estimating Forage Production is being held in two…

Plant ID and Monarch Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Guide WHEG - Varies by Location Basic Tech Skills (Matrix) Plant ID

TTCP, Xerces

In this field-based training, participants will practice assessing pollinator habitat using the Monarch Butterfly Wildlife Habitat Evaluation…

Creating and Maintaining Biodiversity in Organic Perennial Systems 2:00-3:00 Ag & Agronomy


Organic producers of perennial crops are required to introduce biodiversity in lieu of a crop rotation. This webinar will cover examples of…

Plant Materials Center Workshop - 9:00-3:30 Basic Tech Skills (Matrix) Vegetation – Species, Seeding and Seed Mixes


A full day classroom and field-based training session will be offered in three locations in western Minnesota. Participants in this training…

Introduction to Pollinator Habitat 10:00 Dodge Center Practice Specific

Pheasants Forever and Partners

For this pollinator field trip, we will explore the art of managing for pollinators from top to bottom! We will discuss establishing and…

Soil Health Dos and Don'ts 1 PM CST Soil Health and Management

USDA NRCS Science and Technology

Join us for this webinar during which soil health techniques such as cover crops, crop rotations, pest management, nutrient management, cash crop…

USFWS Easements, Restorations, and CRP Add-Ons 10:00 Alexandria Practice Specific

Pheasants Forever and Partners

Explore all aspects of Fish and Wildlife easements. Visit sites with region FWS (Fish & Wildlife Service) staff where participants will learn…

Grazing with a Twist: How bison ranching can be both foreign and familiar 10:00 Pelican Rapids Livestock Practice Specific

Pheasants Forever and Partners

Hear from PJ Breen and Dale Rengstorf of the Rolling R Bison Ranch and Jeff Duchene, NRCS Grazing Specialist, for some discussion on how bison can…

Creative Ways to Make Great Habitat 10:00 Slayton Practice Specific

Pheasants Forever and Partners

We will talk about helping landowners create quality habitat by using combinations of federal, state, and NGO programs/grants. We will visit 2-3…

Glacial Ridge Wetland Restoration Tour 10:00 Mentor Wetland Practice Specific

Pheasants Forever and Partners

Glacial Ridge Wildlife Refuge is home to the largest prairie wetland restoration in the US, which was undertaken in 2000. Join the staff who led…

Field School for Soil Health Educators - Soil Health and Management

Soil Health Nexus and UMN MOSH

Join educators from across the Midwest to build skills for communicating soil health concepts. In the field, we’ll evaluate soil changes after…

Wetland Restoration in SW Minnesota 10:00 Worthington Wetland Practice Specific

Pheasants Forever and Partners

In this training we will explore several wetland restoration sites – both new construction and previously restored wetlands. Learn about programs…

Soil Management Summit - Soil Health and Management

UMN Extension

Save the date for the 2022 Soil Management Summit. This conference emphasizes proven farmer experience and applied science.

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