Installing containerized plants in a wetland

In support of statewide restoration efforts, various technical materials including comprehensive guidance documents, design tools, and standard drawings are available for resource professionals and others.

Minnesota Wetland Restoration Guide

This is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary document that offers sound engineering and ecological principles for restoring functional and sustainable wetlands in Minnesota. The information contained in this Guide is intended to assist professionals and nonprofessionals alike in considering, planning, developing, and implementing high quality wetland projects of all types of sizes.

Technical Guidance Documents

Vegetation Establishment

Vegetation Removal for Site Preparation.pdf

Seedbed Preparation.pdf

Planting Temporary Cover Crops.pdf

Mulching and Stabilizing Plantings.pdf

Native Seed Collection and Storage.pdf

Upland Seeding.pdf

Planting Upland Containerized Plants and Rootstock.pdf

Planting Upland Trees and Shrubs.pdf

Promoting Beneficial Microorganisms.pdf

Promoting Native Seedbank.pdf

Wetland Seeding.pdf

Planting Wetland Containerized Plants and Rootstock.pdf

Planting Wetland Trees and Shrubs.pdf

Peatland Restoration.pdf

Wild Rice Seeding.pdf

Protecting Plants from Herbivores.pdf

Promoting Plant Germination and Growth.pdf

Promoting Pollinator Habitat in Wetlands.pdf

Wetland Restoration Design and Construction

Blocking and Filling Surface Drainage Ditches.pdf

Blocking Subsurface Drainage Tile.pdf

Outletting Drainage Systems.pdf

Rerouting Drainage Systems.pdf

Removing/Relocating Drainage Lift Pumps.pdf

Wetland Outlets - Trickle Drains.pdf - in development

Wetland Outlets - Horizontal Pipe Culverts.pdf - in development

Wetland Outlets - Drop Inlets.pdf - in development

Wetland Outlets - Weirs.pdf - in development

Wetland Outlets - Vegetated Spillways.pdf - in development

Wetland Outlets - Armored Spillways.pdf - in development

Managing Restoration Sites

Herbicide Application.pdf

Prescribed Burning.pdf



Conservation Grazing.pdf

Biological Control.pdf

Water Level Management - Flooding.pdf

Water Level Management - Drawdown.pdf

Supplemental Planting.pdf

Tree and Shrub Care.pdf

Inspecting and Maintaining Outlet Structures.pdf

Animal Control.pdf

Tree and Shrub Removal.pdf

Wetland Restoration Design Standard - in development

Wetland Restoration Design Tools

  •  Embankment Design Worksheet.pdf - in development
  • Spillway Design Worksheet.pdf - in development

Wetland Restoration Standard Engineering Design Drawings: - in development

The following standard engineering design drawings have been created to aide in developing wetland restoration design and construction plans. Standard drawings are not applicable to every project site and users need to determine the applicability of using these or other more specific design and construction details/drawings. For example, design sheets have been created for simple culverts and trickle drain outlet structures but not for other more complex outlets.

All files are available to view or download by clicking on the econ choices in the table below. The DWG files require an AutoCAD viewer and are available upon request. PDF files require Adobe Reader. Regardless of the format selected, the drawings are developed to be layer controlled, allowing users to easily modify and format each desired sheet to accommodate specific design and construction needs.

Drawing Name Drawing Number Drawing Date DWG PDF
Cover Sheet BWSR - 100 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Blank - Horizontal BWSR - 101A 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Blank - Vertical BWSR - 101B 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Blank - Horizontal with 1/2 Small Grid BWSR - 101C 8/20/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Blank - Horizontal with 1/2 Grid Lines BWSR - 101D 8/20/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Embankment/Spillway Details - Single BWSR - 102A 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Embankment/Spillway Details - Multiple BWSR - 102B 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Rock Rodent Protection Details BWSR - 103 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Scrape/Sediment Removal Detail BWSR - 104 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Tile Block Detail BWSR - 105 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Drainage System Outlet Detail BWSR - 106 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Rock Riprap/Geotextile Detail BWSR - 107 2/26/2019 (DWG) (PDF)
Horizontal Pile Details BWSR - 110 TBD (DWG) (PDF)
Horizontal Pipe Anti-Seep Control BWSR - 111 TBD (DWG) (PDF)