Please remember to read and follow herbicide label instructions. For specific recommendations not covered by the label, contact your distributor or manufacturer representative. Please consult with your local USDA Service Center for a more in-depth look at your site’s specific establishment and management strategy.

Native seeding after several weeks of growth
Several weeks after seeding

Seeding Tips

  • Calibrate seed drill for desired seed and seeding rate
  • Seeding should occur between May 15th - June 30th
  • When seeding, keep the drill at least 1/3 full to ensure consistent seed flow
  • If broadcast seeding, use 11/2 times the recommended seeding rate and roll or cultipack again after seeding
  • Many vendors operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Plan ahead when ordering seed. If in a program, ensure seed mix meets standards.
  • Either 5-7 days prior to or 5-7 days post-seeding, apply a glyphosate herbicide to any emerging weeds within the field. Be sure not to apply any herbicides with residual characteristics. 
Tractor mowing native grass and forb planting
Year 1 mowing

Management after Seeding

Year 1 – Seeded by June 30th

  • Keep the planting clipped to a height of 6-8 inches until August 15th. This ensures that sunlight can reach the new seedlings and helps control annual weeds.
  • Do not be concerned with sites that appear to be weedy with little grass emergence during the 1st year
Forbs after a prescribed burn
Forbs in years 2+

Year 2

  • Throughout the growing season, spot mow any areas of heavy weed infestations prior to flowering
  • If Canada thistle, or other undesirable weeds exist, spot spray with recommended herbicide prior to flowering. Do not broadcast over the entire field.
    • It is best to consult PF biologists, SWCD, or NRCS technicians with concerns prior to spraying

Year 3

Igniting a prescribed fire
Years 4+ prescribed burn
  • As needed, spot mow/spray any areas of heavy weed infestations all growing season

Years 4+

  • For CRP contracts, follow your Schedule of Operations for mid-contract management operations
  • If not in CRP, manage your grassland every 3-5 years to keep the native grasses and forbs rejuvenated and to keep the volunteer trees from encroaching


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