Annual Statewide Summary

Each year, BWSR tabulates required plans and the required or voluntary reports submitted to BWSR, other units of government, and the public about fiscal status, plans, programs and activities.  Specific performance standards can be found on the Performance Standards Checklists below.

Organizational Assessment

An Organizational Assessment is designed to give BWSR and individual LGUs an overall assessment of the LGU’s effectiveness in both the delivery and the effects of their efforts in conservation. The review looks at the LGU’s implementation of their county water plan, watershed management plan, and/or SWCD comprehensive plan action items and their compliance with BWSR’s operational performance standards. Organizational Assessments also include surveys of board members, staff, and partners to assess internal and external effectiveness of the LGU. Reviews are routine, and each LGU will be selected for an Organizational Assessment approximately every 10 years. Summaries to past Organizational Assessments can be found in the annual PRAP legislative reports.

BWSR uses a performance standard checklist to assess four areas of operation: administration, planning, execution, and communication/coordination. The standards vary, based on LGU type and requirements, but are divided into two categories: basic and high performance.

The basic standards describe practices that are either legally required or fundamental to the LGU’s operations. The high-performance standards describe practices that reflect a greater level of attention and effort from the LGU. While all LGUs should be meeting the basic standards, only the more ambitious ones will meet many high-performance standards.

Performance Standard Check Lists and Instructions
Organization TypeGuidanceChecklists
County Local Water ManagementGuidance for Counties (pdf)Checklist for Counties (pdf)
Soil and Water Conservation DistrictsGuidance for SWCDs (pdf)Checklist for SWCDs (pdf)
Greater Minnesota Watershed DistrictsGuidance for Greater MN WDs (pdf)Checklist for Greater MN WDs (pdf)
Metro Watershed Districts & Watershed Management OrganizationsGuidance for Metro WDs & WMOs (pdf)Checklist for Metro WDs & WMOs (pdf)
Watershed-based PartnershipsGuidance for Watershed-based Partnerships (pdf)Checklist for Watershed-based Partnerships (pdf)









Don Bajumpaa
PRAP Coordinator