gavel and law book

A summary of Minnesota drainage law is provided in the document “Understanding Minnesota Public Drainage Law (pdf)”, which provides an overview for Chapter 103E drainage authorities, their advisors, and others involved in the application of Minnesota drainage law.

The Understanding Minnesota Public Drainage Law (UMPDL) guidebook was first written and published in 1997 by the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC). A key purpose of the document is to provide a summary of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 103E Drainage as a summary guidebook for drainage authorities, their advisors and others involved with state drainage law. The UMPDL was updated in 2002 by AMC; this is the version provided here. As of 2019, BWSR is updating the guidebook, in collaboration with the stakeholder Drainage Work Group. Much more detailed information about Chapter 103E Drainage is provided in the Minnesota Public Drainage Manual (MPDM).


Tom Gile
Resource Conservation Section Manager
Dave Weirens
Assistant Director for Programs & Policy