2021 Agricultural Wetland Bank Technical Assistance Program

In response to continued high demand for agricultural bank (Ag Bank) credits, BWSR announced a sign-up period for a new Agricultural Wetland Bank Technical Assistance Program on February 22, 2021.  The goal of the program is to identify landowners with sites that have high potential to generate wetland credits and then provide them with planning and design support to efficiently move the project to the implementation phase.  BWSR technical support would be provided at no cost to the landowner. 

Applications will be accepted throughout calendar year 2021 but BWSR will be conducting evaluations and making decisions on projects three times during the year using the following dates: April 7, August 31, & December 31, 2021. If sufficient projects are identified after the first or second rounds of evaluations then the application period may end prior to December 31, 2021.

Additional information can be found in the Program Fact sheet:

Technical Assistance Program - Fact Sheet


Application documents can be accessed using the links below:

Technical Assistance Program – Application Checklist

Technical Assistance Program – Application Form

Technical Assistance Program – Questionnaire and Easement Area Assessment Form

Technical Assistance Program – Crop History and Land Use Form


Webex 2021 BWSR Wetland Banking Program Request for Proposals and Easement Sign-Up

For Ag Bank portion of the presentation skip ahead to 19:10 in the video.


Agricultural Wetland Bank- General Information

Agricultural wetland banking is a subset of the overall wetland banking system. The "ag bank" is solely for replacing wetlands impacted on agricultural lands for agricultural purposes. It cannot be used for projects that convert agricultural land to a non-agricultural use or projects that convert non-agricultural land to agricultural land. A summary of the differences between the ag bank and other banks ("regular bank") is provided as follows.

Agricultural Wetland Bank vs Regular Wetland Bank Fact Sheet (pdf)

The use of the ag bank is governed by the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between BWSR and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). This MOU also establishes a Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) exemption for agricultural activities on agricultural land that is subject to the Swampbuster provisions of the federal farm program. This exemption is authorized in this manner per WCA rules 8420.0420 Subp. 2 G.

BWSR-NRCS Agricultural Wetland Bank Memorandum of Understanding (pdf)

The bank service area restrictions do not apply to agricultural wetland banks established prior to the effective date of the MOU. The following file lists the banks that are "grandfathered in" and applicants are allowed to purchase credits from them for use within any <80% pre-settlement area without an increase in replacement ratio.

Grandfathered Agricultural Wetland Banks (pdf)

The following documents provide information and guidance on site selection, evaluation, review and crediting for establishing agricultural wetland banks.

Wetland Bank Site Selection and Establishment (pdf)

Generating Wetland Credits from Previously Restored Wetlands (pdf)

Fact Sheet for Restored Wetlands on Expired CRP (pdf)

Wetland Bank Evaluation Tool (pdf)

BWSR has developed a web calculator Ag Bank Evaluation Tool Web Calculator for the above Ag Bank Evaluation Tool. Answers to the questions should be entered into the tool for calculation of resulting functional level scores. The tool and resulting scores should be used in conjunction with the above Ag Bank form Previously Restored Wetlands Guidance dated 4/19/12.


Kane Radel
Wetland Mitigation Specialist