The One Watershed, One Plan program offers planning resources and staff support for groups working together to develop comprehensive watershed management plans.  These resources are intended to support the board-adopted policies. Contact a BWSR staff person (maps below in the "external links" section) for more information. 

Program Videos

Learn about the One Watershed, One Plan program with videos that introduce and explore the concepts around watershed-based planning

One Watershed, One Plan videos page

Planning Resources

Guidance for Committees and Getting Ready to Plan (pdf, updated April 2021)  -  participation requirements, committee roles and best practices for getting started.

One Watershed, One Plan Planning Checklist (pdf) - a overview of the planning process, broken into phases and steps.

One Watershed, One Plan Guidebook (pdf) - a compilation of supporting information documents, based on the plan content requirements that provide examples and ideas for getting to a quality plan.

Implementation Table Template Excel Spreadsheet (xlsx)

Visit the Water Quality Tools and Models and Planning Resources page for more, including project management, logic models.

Templates for Local Governments

Resolution Template for Supporting One Watershed, One Plan Word Document (docx)

Memorandum of Agreement for Planning Template Word Document (docx)

Policy Committee Bylaws Template Word Document (docx)

Consultant Request for Qualifications Template Word Document (docx) 

Working With State Agencies

State Strategies (pdf) - a summary of plans and strategies that can provide helpful information in the planning process.

Minnesota Water Management Framework (pdf) - roles of state agencies in water management.

State Agency Review and Participation in Planning