While this is not a comprehensive list, BWSR grants, affiliated programs, and partners may use the following acronyms.

State Agencies and Commissions

BWSR:          Board of Water and Soil Resources

CWC:            Clean Water Council

DNR:             Department of Natural Resources

LCCMR:        Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources

LSOHC:         Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council

MDA:           Minnesota Department of Agriculture

MDH:           Minnesota Department of Health

MnDOT:       Minnesota Department of Transportation

MGS:            Minnesota Geological Survey

MMB:           Minnesota Office of Management and Budget

MPCA:          Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Federal Agencies

ACOE:          Army Corps of Engineers

CED:             Community Economic Development (Division of USDA)

CFSA:            Consolidated Farm Services Agency

EPA:             Environmental Protection Agency

FEMA:          Federal Emergency Management Agency

FSA:              USDA Farm Service Agency

NRCS:           USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

RC&D:          Resource Conservation & Development

USDA:          United States Department of Agriculture

USFWS:        United States Fish & Wildlife Service

USGS:           United States Geological Survey


CAC:             Citizen Advisory Committee

CHS:             Community Health Service

JPB:              Joint Powers Board

LGU:             Local Government Unit

RDC:             Regional Development Commission

SWCD:         Soil and Water Conservation District

TAC:             Technical Advisory Committee

TSA:              Technical Service Area

WD:              Watershed District

WMO:           Watershed Management Organization


State Associations

AMC:            Association of Minnesota Counties

AMT:            Association of Minnesota Townships

AMWRAP:   Association of Minnesota Water Resources Administrators and Planners

LMC:           League of Minnesota Cities

MACDE:      Minnesota Association of Conservation District Employees

MACPZA:    Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators

MARC&D:    Minnesota Association of Resource Conservation and Development

MASWCD:   Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

MAWA:         Minnesota Association of Watershed Administrators

MW:             Minnesota Watersheds

National Associations

NACD:          National Association of Conservation Districts

NWF:            National Wildlife Federation

SWCS:          Soil and Water Conservation Society

State Programs and Grant Programs

CLMP:          Citizens Lake Monitoring Program

CLWP:          Comprehensive Local Water Planning

CREP:           Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

C-S:               Cost-Share Program

CWF:            Clean Water Fund

CWP:            Clean Water Partnership

LAP:              Lake Assessment Program

LWRPMP:    Local Water Resources Protection and Management Program

NPEA:           Nonpoint Engineering Assistance

NRBG:          Natural Resources Block Grant

PFM:            Private Forestry Management

RIM:             Reinvest in Minnesota

SRF:             State Revolving Fund

WBIF:           Watershed Based Implementation Funding

WCA:            Wetland Conservation Act


Federal Programs

ACP:             Agricultural Conservation Program

CRP:             Conservation Reserve Program

EQIP:            Environmental Quality Incentive Program

FDR:             Flood Damage Reduction

FEMA:          Federal Emergency Management Act

WBP:            Water Bank Program

WRP:            Wetland Reserve Program

Additional Acronyms

GIS:               Geographic Information System

GPS:             Geographic Positioning System

JAA:               Job Approval Authority

NPS:             Nonpoint Source Pollution

TMDL:          Total Maximum Daily Load

WRAPS:       Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies Report