This page contains guidance and general information on wetland banking in Minnesota. Forms associated with wetland banking can be found on the WCA Forms and Templates page.

Replacement Credits for Combined Wetland/Stream Banks (pdf) (New)

Vegetation Monitoring for Wetland Banks Guidance (pdf) 

Establishing a Wetland Bank (pdf) - Comprehensive guidance document on the process of establishing a wetland bank.

Generating Wetland Credits (pdf) - Summary of different methods to generate wetland credit in accordance with WCA rules.

Crediting in Cultivated Fields (pdf) - Special guidance document on alternative crediting method for wetland restorations involving hydrologic restoration in cultivated fields. Purpose & Need Summary for Crediting in Cultivated Fields (pdf) - Document explaining the basis and need for the crediting in cultivated fields guidance.

Aerial Imagery - link to aerial imagery from the University of Minnesota. There are many aerial images available via this link from around the state.

Preservation Site Selection - BWSR/Corps (pdf) - Joint guidance issued by BWSR and Corps on selecting preservation sites as a means to generate wetland credits.

Preservation Guidance - BWSR (pdf) - BWSR guidance on preservation as a means to generate wetland credits.

Exceptional Natural Resource Value Guidance (pdf) - BWSR guidance on ENRV as a means to generate wetland credits.

Performance Standards and Credit Release Schedules (pdf) - Joint BWSR and Corps guidance on standards and credit release schedules required for most wetland banks.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wetland Banking (pdf)

Wetland Bank Service Areas Map (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter- Fall 2023 (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter - Spring 2023 (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter - Fall 2022 (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter- Spring 2022 (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter- Fall 2021 (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter - Spring 2021 (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter - Fall 2020 (pdf)

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter - Spring 2020 (pdf)  

Minnesota Mitigation Newsletter - Fall 2019 (pdf)



Dennis Rodacker
Wetland Mitigation Supervisor