BWSR offers newsletters and updates on multiple topics. The descriptions below provide an overview of what type of information you can expect to receive from our publications when you subscribe.

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Subscription Choices

BWSR News Releases

Announcements that fall under the BWSR News Releases category include media releases about award winners, grant opportunities and recipients, events and tours, BWSR Board decisions and more.

Frequency of publication: Whenever necessary

Recent publication:


The Snapshots newsletter is a set of stories published monthly by BWSR to highlight the work of our agency and partners.

Frequency of publication: Once a month

Recent publication:

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BWSR Featured Plant

Each month, BWSR highlights a plant native to Minnesota. These articles provide information on the featured plant's identification, uses, planting recommendations, range and similar species.

Frequency of publication: Once a month around the first of the month

Recent publication:

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BWSR Train Tracks

Train Tracks provides training news from BWSR, including information about upcoming BWSR-sponsored training opportunities, related partner opportunities, and dates for Technical Training and Wetland Training opportunities.

Frequency of publication: Once a month

Recent publication:

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Wetland Banker Newsletter (Mitigation Newsletter)

This newsletter includes news, information about upcoming webinars, frequently asked questions, program updates, events and training.

Frequency of publication: Twice a year in the spring and fall

Recent publication:

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Grants Quarterly

Grants Quarterly is BWSR's official grants newsletter, sent to our local government and nonprofit grantee partners approximately four times per year. This newsletter contains updates on programs, policies, funding opportunities and reporting requirements.

Frequency of publication: Four times a year

Recent publication:

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Ecology Update

The newsletter provides a summary of efforts underway to address a wide range of conservation challenges and help ensure the integrity and resiliency of Minnesota landscapes. It provides an update on BWSR ecology, climate change, invasive species and vegetation-related programs and resources.

Frequency of publication: As needed

A screenshot of Ecology Update newsletter

RIM Rundown

This newsletter is used to update BWSR's local partners about the Reinvest In Minnesota (RIM) conservation easement program.

Frequency of publication: As needed

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Lawns to Legumes

This is not a regular newsletter, but a listserv. Members of this listserv can expect to receive information about program updates, opening of a new application period as well as other relevant information.

Frequency of publication: As needed

Relevant website: