Asset Preservation

While landowners are responsible for maintaining their easements, the structural components of wetland restorations will begin to fail as they reach the end of their intended lifespan.  This program allows for the state to preserve a functioning wetland on the easements.  BWSR staff will evaluate failing structures and work with the SWCD and landowner to replace or update the structural component of the existing easements.

Easement Enhancement

In 2023, BWSR was appropriated funds to enhance easements for the purposes for climate resiliency, adaptation, and carbon sequestration.  These funds will be used to inspect aging easements and enhance existing easements when the work aligns with Minnesota’s Climate Action Framework.  Enhancements will include obtaining nearby land to increase easement and wetland restoration size, improving the outlets of existing wetlands to make the landscape more resilient, and replacing vegetation to increase biodiversity.