The Wisconsin - Minnesota Wetland Functional Assessment Initiative is an effort to develop wetland functional assessment tools that can be used in Wisconsin and Minnesota to assist in wetland regulatory implementation and for other wetland conservation and planning purposes as applicable.

The initiative received a Wetland Program Development Grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5. Some of the funds from this grant will be used to select a consultant to assist in the development of wetland functional assessment tools. A bid solicitation was issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (in cooperation with the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources) on November 22, 2021. The solicitation closed on December 16, 2021 at 2pm CST. 

Technical Teams

Various Technical Teams have been established to advise and assist in this effort. An informational webinar for Technical Team members was held on September 21, 2021. 


Specific objectives of the initiative are:

       - Incorporate latest science and advancements into functional assessment tools.

       - Develop a practical tool for regulatory applications.

       - Include all wetland functions required to be considered by each state’s wetland regulatory programs.

       - Regionalize and/or allow for regionalization of the tool.

       - Keep the tool practical and rapid but allow for more extensive analysis as appropriate.

       - Make tool as objective as possible based on readily observable features/data.

The initiative will utilize a steering committee composed of representatives from each state that are involved in the wetland regulatory program or related research/monitoring programs. The steering committee will:

       - Make decisions on the process, timing, and approach to tool development;

       - Select various technical subgroups to develop and/or review various aspects of the tool(s);

       - Collaborate with outside agencies (EPA, tribes, Corps, etc.) and experts throughout tool development;

       - Develop grant applications and/or secure other sources of funding for the effort as needed;

       - Oversee and guide any consultants contracted to work on the project;

       - Make final decisions on all aspects of the tool;

       - Determine when the initiative is finished; and

       - Distribute and publicize relevant work products for public use and dissemination.

This webpage will include documents and updates on the progress and work products of the initiative.


Memorandum of Understanding between Wisconsin DNR and BWSR

Steering Committee Document No. 1

Project Leads

Ken Powell 

Wetland Conservation Act Operations Supervisor

MN Board of Water & Soil Resources


Tom Nedland

Wetland Mitigation Coordinator –   

Waterways/External Services 

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources