Assistance being provided to landowners during a workshop
Master Gardeners and Master Water Stewards assisting landowners during a workshop

Conservation partners are playing a key role in the success of the Lawns to Legumes Program. This Webpage is designed to provide guidance and resources to help partners collaborate effectively as part of the program.

At- Risk Pollinator Species -  This is a great resource that narrows down At Risk Pollinator Species in Minnesota.  This list is referenced in the RFPs for the BWSR Pollinator Pathways Grants and Habitat Enhancement Landscape Program (HELP). 

Lawns to Legumes Partner Toolkit - This resources has been developed to summarize key partnership opportunities. It includes a table that lists key partners and identifies opportunities for involvement.

Sample Landscape Permit - Many cities have lawn or vegetation maintenance ordinances that limit the height of vegetation or prohibit "weeds" in general terms. Some cities have established a permit process that allows planting of pollinator, perennial or other natural vegetation on residential lots. BWSR has developed a sample permit for cities that wish to allow such plantings. Note that additional changes to municipal ordinances may be needed to allow pollinator plantings. The city attorney should be consulted when drafting any ordinance amendments.

Examples of Native Landscape Ordinances from Minnesota Cities - Many cities now allow or promote the use of native plants and natural or naturalized residential landscaping. The ordinance excerpts included here show the range of approaches that cities are using, including allowing the practice by right, requiring setbacks, and/or requiring a permit.

On-site Consultation Form - This form was developed to be used to assess properties as part of on-site consultations with landowners.

Pollinator Priority Area GIS Data - These are the ArcGIS files that were used to develop the pollinator priority map for the Program.

Lawns to Legumes Coaching Guide - A resource for those who have signed up to coach/mentor awardees of individual support funding.

Logo Use Policy - This policy provides guidance on the process for using the Lawns to Legumes logo. The logo is pasted below and can be saved from this page, otherwise email for a higher resolution version. Individuals establishing their own pollinator plantings may print and display the Lawns2Legumes yard sign as shown on the main program page.

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