The following materials are intended to be watched, printed, and/or downloaded by class participants prior to attending a MWPCP class.  They are organized by each training class.  Please find the course you are registered for and "grab" the materials listed under the course so that you are prepared for your class.  MWPCP intends to have all of the documents below available at least one week prior to the course date.

General MWPCP Course Materials

MWPCP Core Curriculum

 Exam Study Guide

Practice Exam

WCA Rule

Corps Manual

Field Indicators of Hydric Soils in the United States (Version 8.2)

Pocket Guide to Field Indicators of Hydric Soils and Wetland Hydrology in Minnesota (pdf)

Choosing the Appropriate Delineation Method (pdf)

Offsite Hydrology and Wetland Determinations (pdf) 

Submitting Delineation Reports in Minnesota (pdf)

Wetland Delineation Review Checklist for Minnesota

USDA Soil Texturing Field Flow Chart (pdf)


Basic Class Course Materials



   Day One

   Day Two

   Day Three

   Day Four

   Day Five

Offsite Methods Video 

NC/NE Regional Supplement

NC/NE Data Forms


Course Materials 

WCA Crash Course Virtual Training - February 6-7, 2023


Day One

Day Two


St Cloud Regulatory Training- April 20, 2023



De Minimis Table


Rochester Regional Training- May 16-17, 2023



Day One

Day Two


David Demmer
Wetland Specialist