PTMApp Overview

Prioritize, Target, and Measure Application (PTMApp) is a vision for a state-wide desktop and web application used by practitioners as technical bridge between the strategies in a local water plan and the implementable on-the-ground Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Conservation Practices (CPs). PTMApp consists of an Arc GIS Toolbar application, which is the actual water quality model. PTMApp also includes a web application where you can view standard products developed from the model.

PTMAPP Story Map

This Story Map provides a high-level overview of the program, its purpose, and how it is used.

How PTMApp is supported

BWSR works cooperatively with MNIT@BWSR, the Minnesota Geospatial Office (MNGEO), International Water Institute and Houston Engineering Inc to develop, maintain, and support model development and the web application environment.

Logos of PTMApp partners

Program updates: November 2022

A significant number of updates have been made to PTMApp in 2021 and 2022.  Below are a few of those updates:

PTMApp Model Updates:

  • Optimized for use in Arc Pro software
  • Practices broken down by individual NRCS Practice types instead of the original 6 treatment groups
  • Updates to the economics of practices to look at useful life total costs (ULTC) - see recently published paper from the International Water Institute
  • Updated PTMApp model manuals on the Theory and Documentation Page
  • Updated Travel Time tool from MNIT@DNR posted to the MnGEO Commons (July 2022)


PTMApp Web Application:

  • Creation of new watershed data and updates to several existing datasets to the newest version of the PTMApp Model
    • New for fall 2022: Updates to Lac qui Parle, Upper Minnesota, and Roseau along with new data for Mississippi River – Winona/La Crescent
  • Addition of new Support Layers to the interactive map
  • Development of the Scenario Builder tool that takes the user through a step wise process to filter out practices, create reports, and export tabular and GIS datasets
  • New videos available on the PTMApp Learning Center site on how to use the web application and Scenario Builder tool