PTMApp Overview

Prioritize, Target, and Measure Application (PTMApp) is a vision for a state-wide desktop and web application used by practitioners as technical bridge between the strategies in a local water plan and the implementable on-the-ground Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Conservation Practices (CPs). PTMApp consists of an Arc GIS Toolbar application, which is the actual water quality model. PTMApp also includes a web application where you can view standard products developed from the model.

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How PTMApp is supported

BWSR works cooperatively with MNIT@BWSR, the Minnesota Geospatial Office (MNGEO), International Water Institute and Houston Engineering Inc to develop, maintain, and support model development and the web application environment.  BWSR will be convening a stakeholder committee in 2018 to provide guidance on future enhancements to the system.

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Program Updates

October 2021 PTMApp Update

May 2020 PTMApp Update (pdf)

July 2020 PTMApp Update (pdf)


Matt Drewitz
Measures and Outcomes Coordinator