Available Wetland Credits

Minnesota's wetland banking program includes both private and state-sponsored wetland banks which have "credits" that are used to offset (mitigate) authorized wetland impacts. For those persons or entities looking for wetland banking credits, BWSR provides an interactive mapping tool Wetland Banking Web Map Tool as well as an Available Wetland Bank Credits Listing by County. Contact information for each bank is provided. Note that these two sources for identifying wetland banks and associated credits only list those wetland banks that have credits that are available for sale as indicated by the wetland bank's sponsor/owner. There are other banks in the banking program that no longer have any credits or the bank's sponsor/owner has not consented to have their bank and credits listed publicly for one reason or another. See our interactive map of wetland banking easements on our Mitigation Easements page for a more comprehensive view of wetland banks across the state.

Available Wetland Bank Credits Listing

Wetland Bank Credits Interactive Mapping Tool (currently unavailable as of 3/19/2021)

RIBITS Database (for Federal credit information)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) in conjunction with other federal agencies maintains a database of wetland banks and credits (as well as other types of mitigation credits) called the Regulatory In-Lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System (RIBITS). This database RIBITS Database (Federal) includes Minnesota wetland banks. Although BWSR and the Corps coordinate closely on the approval and crediting of wetland banks in Minnesota, there are still some differences resulting in some credits that are approved for only Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) use, some that are approved for only Section 404 Clean Water Act use (federally-approved) and many that are approved for use in both programs. BWSR's listing of wetland bank credits includes credits that are approved for WCA use and generally indicates which of those are federally-approved. However, the RIBITS database is the official listing of federally-approved credits. Potential credit buyers are strongly encouraged to check the RIBITS database as well as the BWSR database before purchasing any credits if those credits will be used to satisfy requirements of a Corps-issued permit (Section 404 Clean Water Act) as well as a WCA approval.

Cost per Credit Information

As a service to those buying and selling wetland credits in Minnesota, BWSR provides an average cost per credit based on past transactions as reported by buyers and sellers. This is information is based on cost information provided on Withdrawal Transaction Forms. 

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2022 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2021 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2020 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2019 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2018 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2017 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2016 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2015 (pdf)

Wetland Banking Average Cost Per Credit 2014 (pdf)

Wetland Credit Transaction Fees

BWSR monitors, maintains and manages the wetland banking and credit system for the state under the authority of the WCA. Costs for this service are in large part borne by buyers and sellers of credits via transaction fees. BWSR's wetland banking fee policy and most recent fee values are below. These fees and policy are integrated into the wetland bank transaction forms required to be completed for all wetland credit transactions in the state.

Wetland Banking Fee Policy Effective June 1 2017 (pdf)

March 28, 2019 Fee Policy Addendum - Single User & Stewardship Fee

March 27, 2019 Fee Policy Addendum - Agricultural Fee Reduction

Wetland Banking Fee Schedule (pdf)


Dennis Rodacker
Wetland Mitigation Supervisor