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Technical Training Individual Development Plan Tool 

The Technical Training and Certification Program (TTCP) has launched a tool to help Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD), and Technical Service Area (TSA) staff create Individual Development Plans (IDP). The IDP tool will enable conservation staff to share their technical training needs, document credentials and certifications, find others with conservation skills for peer-to-peer assistance/on the job training and more. 

IDP Information

Event Information
IDP Tool is Live in eLINK NRCS, SWCD, and TSA staff can enter data.
Training Webinars for Users/staff

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Training Webinar for Managers

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IDP Training Due October 2020
Users need to enter information by this deadline for their needs to be included in the requests for 2021 training opportunities.


What is an Individual Development Plan (IDP)?

An IDP is a written plan that can be used by employees and managers to reach long and short term professional development goals. The information from these individual development plans will also be used as a foundation for an annual training needs inventory. Individual development plans are completed or updated annually, and can be used to identify and document credential and Job Approval Authority (JAA) goals.

How does the IDP document training needs?

When completing your IDP and training needs assessment online using this tool, users will identify priority practices and areas of needed training. Technical Training and Certification Program staff will use this information to prioritize training needs and delivery on a statewide and regional basis. Area Technical Training Team members will be able to review and use the information to prioritize local training needs.  

Why should I use the new Individual Development Plan tool? What are the benefits for me, as  SWCD, TSA, or NRCS staff?

This tool is your opportunity to have an impact on what training opportunities are offered each year. The IDP tool will help you communicate training needs, record and track your credentials and document what training sessions you've attended. In addition, your individual development plan can be used by you and your manger to help you identify and meet long and short term professional development goals. 

The tool gives managers the ability to document priority resource concerns and practices for their area, can help to assess the capability of staff to assist landowners with those practices, and track employee certifications, credentials and training. Managers can use the tool to assist staff in prioritizing and achieving professional development goals. Managers can also view their staffs' IDP information collectively to better understand the abilities and competencies of staff in a service area or county.