Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program

The Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program (MWPCP) will be active as of January 1, 2020 and will be administered by BWSR. The program replaces the Minnesota Wetland Delineator Certification Program (WDCP) that has been in operation since 2002 and was administered jointly by the University of Minnesota and BWSR.

The purpose of the MWPCP is to increase and maintain the level of knowledge and expertise for those conducting and/or reviewing professional work associated with wetland regulatory compliance in Minnesota. This includes identifying and delineating wetlands as well as reviewing and/or assisting applicants/landowners in complying with wetland regulations in Minnesota. Certification indicates an individual has a fundamental understanding of the basic technical tools, rules, policies and guidance associated with wetland regulatory compliance in Minnesota. This includes the following subject areas:

  • Wetland identification and delineation;
  • Wetland restoration;
  • State and Federal wetland regulations (rules, policies, procedures);
  • Wetland functional assessment; and
  • Wetland monitoring.

The program emphasizes the practical components of these subject areas as they apply to wetland regulatory implementation. The program does not test for, nor does it certify the competency of a wetland professional. It certifies that a wetland professional has successfully completed foundational training developed specifically for those working in the wetland regulatory field in Minnesota and that they have the basic background knowledge and training to become competent at conducting work associated with wetland regulatory compliance.

Certification by this program is voluntary. It is open to all practicing wetland professionals in both the public and private sectors. Wetland professionals practicing outside Minnesota are eligible to be certified, however, the certification exams under the MWPCP will cover Minnesota-specific wetland rules, policies and procedures.

The program plan provides details on the types of certification, certification and testing requirements, continuing education requirements and program-sponsored training. Individuals that are certified by the WDCP as of January 1, 2020 will be able to opt-in to the MWPCP under their current certification status. Certified individuals will be contacted directly by the WDCP and MWPCP in late 2019 and early 2020 with information on how to opt-in.

Forms, study guides, core curriculum, training and other program-specific documents are in development and will be posted here as they are completed.


Ken Powell
Wetland Conservation Act Operations Coordinator