General Program Information

The Minnesota Wetland Professional Certification Program (MWPCP) is a certification program for Minnesota wetland professionals administered by the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR). The program includes Professional and In-Training Professional certifications. Certification indicates an individual has a fundamental understanding of the basic technical tools, rules, policies and guidance associated with wetland regulatory compliance in Minnesota. This includes the following subject areas: wetland identification and delineation; wetland restoration; State and Federal wetland regulations (rules, policies, procedures); wetland functional assessment; and wetland monitoring. 

The program emphasizes the practical components of these subject areas as they apply to wetland regulatory implementation. The program does not test for, nor does it certify the competency of a wetland professional. It certifies that a wetland professional has successfully completed foundational training developed specifically for those working in the wetland regulatory field in Minnesota and that they have the basic background knowledge and training to become competent at conducting work associated with wetland regulatory compliance.

Program Plan (pdf) 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Program (pdf)


COVID-related Policies

All classes and certification exams that were scheduled for 2020 were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the current certification renewal period has been extended.  All MWPCP-certified (professional or in-training) individuals are now certified until December 31, 2023. This extension allows for an additional year to obtain credits for certification renewal.

Temporary Continuing Education Policy Updates (pdf)

Questions & Answers regarding 2020 course cancellations and continuing education credits (pdf)


2021 Training Courses


Basic Wetland Delineation and Regulation Course

September 13-17, Central Lakes College, Brainerd, MN  (Full)

September 20-24, Central Lakes College, Brainerd, MN  (Full)

October 4-8, Arden Hills City Hall, Arden Hills, MN (Full)


The Professional and Professional In-Training exams will be administered on the final day of each course (September 17, September 24, October 8).

There are a limited number of "test only" spots still available.  Follow this link to register for the exam:


One Day Delineation Refresher Course

August 26, Nye Park Nature Center, Maple Lake, MN (Full)

This course is intended to serve as a "refresher" for individuals with some wetland delineation experience or LGU/TEP members who have a basic understanding of conducting and/or reviewing wetland delineations.  


Regulation and Delineation Regional Training

July 22, Rochester Community and Technical College, Rochester, MN (Full)

July 28, Douglas County Public Works Building, Alexandria, MN (Full)

Please note that both of these courses are full due to the cancelation of the 2020 Regional Training courses.  Preference was given to individuals who had registered for the canceled courses.  The MWPCP is committed to attempt a full return to Regional Training in 2022.


Continuing Education Forms and Associated Policy Documents

Please use the following questions to help you determine which form to complete and submit.

Q: Are you interested in becoming certified by taking either the Professional or In-Training Professional Exam?

A: Review the Certification Exam Policies (pdf) document to determine which exam you are qualified to take. Then complete and return either the Application for Professional Certification Exam (dox) or the Application for Professional In-Training Certification Exam (dox).

Q: Are you interested in finding out if a training event you are considering attending is eligible for MWPCP continuing education credits toward either your certification renewal or for meeting the training qualification to take one of the certification exams?

A: Review the Continuing Education Policies (pdf) document and then complete and return the Credit Hour Determination Request Form (dox).

Q: Are you certified and would like to report a training event that you attended toward your continuing education requirement?

A: Review the Continuing Education Policies (pdf) document and then complete and return the Credit Hour Reporting Form (dox).


Certified Professionals and In-Training Professionals List

The following file lists the name and certification status (Professional or In-Training Professional) of all MWPCP-certified individuals except for those who requested their name to be withheld from the publicly available list. Spellings of names are as provided by the individuals although we may have erred in the transfer of the information to the list. Please contact one of the listed program contacts if you are on the list and would like to make a correction/revision to your name. If you believe that you should be on the list, but are not, please contact one of the listed program contacts. Note that this list is not intended to be a resource for finding a wetland consultant. If you are looking for contact information for wetland consultants one option is to view a consultant directory on the MN Wetland Professionals Association website.

MWPCP Certification List 2/24/2021 (pdf)


Exam Study Guide and Reference Materials

MWPCP Exam Study Guide 3/5/20 (pdf)

MWPCP Professional & Professional In Training Practice Exam- Version A, 2021 (PDF)


David Demmer
Wetland Specialist
Ben Meyer
Wetland Specialist
Amy Waters
Wetlands Program Assistant