Performance Review and Assistance Program (PRAP) grants provide financial assistance to LGUs to improve operating performance and execute planned goals and objectives. The grants can include facilitation, mediation or consulting services related to organizational improvement activities such as reorganizations/mergers, strategic planning, organizational development, benchmarking, audits, and staff and board capacity assessments. LGUs need not have been the subject of a PRAP performance review to apply for these grants, but funding priority is given to activities recommended to an LGU as part of a Level II, III or IV PRAP review.

Assistance grants are made on a cost-share, reimbursement basis with a cap of $10,000 per LGU. The application process requires basic information about the need, the proposed use of funds, a timeline, and the source of match dollars. BWSR staff will assess the LGU need as part of the application review process. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funds are available.

Eligible activities: 

Facilitation, mediation or consulting services related to organizational improvement such as reorganizations/mergers, strategic planning, organizational development, assessments for shared services, benchmarking, non-routine audits, and staff and board capacity assessments.  

Ineligible activities

Activities that are not eligible for grant funds, or to be used as LGU match: Technology upgrades (computer equipment, software, smartphones, etc.), infrastructure improvements (vehicles, office remodel, furniture), staff performance incentives (bonuses, rewards program), basic staff training (BWSR Academy fees and expenses; Wetland Delineator Certification, subjects offered at BWSR Academy, training for promotion, basic computer training), water planning, conservation practices design or installation, publication or publicity materials, food & refreshments, (other than costs associated with meetings and conferences where the primary purpose is an approved, eligible grant activity) lodging, staff salaries, and regular board member per diems.  Note: Board member per diems and associated expenses outside of regular meetings, and associated with an approved, eligible activity are eligible for grant funds or can be used as match. 

Grant Limit:

$10,000. In most cases a 50 percent cash match will be required. 

Who May Apply:

County water management/environmental services; SWCDs; watershed districts; watershed management organizations. In some cases, LGU joint powers associations or boards, or other types of LGU water management partnerships will be eligible for grants. Priority is given to applicants submitting projects related to eligible PRAP Level II, III, or IV recommendations. 


BWSR pays its share of the LGU’s eligible expenditures as reimbursement for expenses incurred by the LGU after the execution date of the grant agreement. Reporting and reimbursement requirements are also described in the agreement. Grant agreements are processed through BWSR’s eLINK system. 

See the PRAP Grant Program Profile for additional information.

How to Apply:  

Submit an email request with the following information:  

  1. Description, purpose and scope of work for the proposed activity (If the activity or services will be contracted, do you have a contracting procedure in by-laws or operating guidelines?)  
  2. Expected products or deliverables  
  3. Desired outcome or result  
  4. Does this activity address any recommendations associated with a recent Level II, III or IV PRAP Assessment? If so, describe how.  
  5. How has your Board indicated support for this project? How will they be kept involved?
  6. Duration of activity: proposed start and end dates  
  7. Itemized Project Budget including: 
    • Amount of request  
    • Source of funds to be used for match (cannot be state money nor in-kind)  
    • Total project budget  
    • Have you submitted other funding requests for this activity? If yes, to whom and when?
    • Provide name and contact information for the person who will be managing the project. 




Brett Arne
PRAP Coordinator