Name Job Title Email Business Number Office
James Adkinson Grants Coordinator 651-539-2588 St. Paul
Mike Anderson Engineering Technician 320-292-5466 Willmar
Brett Arne Board Conservationist 218-850-0934 Detroit Lakes
Jeannette Austin North Region Grants Compliance Specialist 218-850-4439 Brainerd
Don Bajumpaa PRAP Coordinator 651-600-8390 Detroit Lakes
Jason Beckler Ecological Science Conservationist 507-829-8204 Rochester
Adam Beilke Land and Water Programs Supervisor 507-206-2892 Rochester
Melanie Bomier Board Conservationist 651-249-7519 Duluth
Karen Bonde Engineering Technician, Sr. 651-297-3998 St. Paul
Christa Branham-MacLennan eLINK Data Specialist 651-539-2569 St. Paul
Zachary Braun Easement Acquisition Specialist 651-539-2576 St. Paul
Lewis Brockette Wetlands Policy Coordinator 651-308-3280 St. Paul
Mitch Cabak Engineering Technician 651-296-1243 St. Paul
Cari Cable Accounting Technician 651-296-3767 St. Paul
Ben Carlson Mitigation Program Coordinator 651-315-3952 St. Paul
Donna Caughey Office and Administrative Specialist 218-820-1679 Brainerd
Jed Chesnut Wetland Specialist 651-286-9334 St. Paul
Dilan Christiansen Wetland Specialist 320-407-3640 Waite Park
Dave Copeland Board Conservationist 507-206-2891 Rochester
Alyssa Core Wetland Specialist 507-923-5414 St. Paul
Ethan Dahl Buffer and Soil Loss Specialist 218-537-8990 Brainerd
Lucy Dahl Easement Management and Acquisition Supervisor 651-358-8676 St. Paul
Amanda Deans Regional Training Engineer 651-297-7360 St. Paul
Laura DeBeer Buffer and Soil Loss Specialist 507-591-3495 Marshall
David Demmer Wetland Specialist 218-464-8289 Duluth
Conor Donnelly eLINK - GIS Specialist 651-757-2647 St. Paul
Sharon Doucette Conservation Easement Section Manager 651-539-2567 St. Paul
Jen Dullum Board Conservationist 651-308-6956 St. Paul
Lindberg Ekola Private Forested Watersheds Protection Coordinator 218-537-1194 Brainerd
Craig Engwall Senior Legal and Program Advisor 612-452-1980 St. Paul
Annie Felix Gerth Clean Water Coordinator 651-238-0677 St. Cloud
Matthew Fischer Board Conservationist 218-766-6496 Bemidji
Andrea Fish Assistant Director for Strategy & Operations 612-616-5112 St. Paul
Eric Forward Easement Acquisition Specialist 651-539-2525 St. Paul
Solimar Garcia Barger Mitigation Program Assistant 651-295-6445 St. Paul
Kristina Geiger Program Analyst 651-539-2531 St. Paul
Travis Germundson Appeals and Regulatory Compliance Coordinator 651-247-4976 St. Paul
Jenny Gieseke Organizational Effectiveness Manager 507-381-3131 Mankato
Tom Gile Resource Conservation Section Manager 507-696-1974 Rochester
Douglas Goodrich Board Conservationist 507-920-6031 Marshall
Zach Guttormson Board Conservationist 320-407-2339 Waite Park
Jennifer Hahn Federal Conservation Programs Coordinator 651-396-6043 St. Paul
John Hansel Monitoring Specialist 507-508-6868 St. Paul
Justin Hanson Assistant Director for Regional Operations 651-529-0966 Rochester
Chad Hildebrand Buffer and Soil Loss Specialist St. Paul
Mark Hiles Clean Water Specialist 507-766-9818 Mankato
Steven Hofstad Wetland Specialist 218-770-2767 Detroit Lakes
Jared House Soils Programming Coordinator 320-407-3856 Waite Park
Jeff Hrubes Clean Water Specialist 218-368-7683 Brainerd
Ryan Hughes Northern Region Manager 218-770-9687 Duluth
John Jaschke Executive Director 651-296-0878 St. Paul
Matt Johnson Wetland Specialist 218-770-0100 Bemidji
Michelle Jordan Board Conservationist 651-308-6724 St. Paul
Peter Jordet Easement Development Specialist Sr. 651-539-2580 St. Paul
Mary Juhl Communications Coordinator 651-215-9008 St. Paul
Kari Keating Grants Specialist 651-297-8029 St. Paul
Amir Khimji Project Manager/Business Analyst with MNIT@BWSR 651-757-2434 St. Paul
Melissa King Agency Tribal Liaison 651-350-8845 St. Paul
Julie Krebs Grants Compliance Specialist 507-317-0187 Mankato
Robert Kronick Lead Accounting Officer 651-296-0873 St. Paul
Siri Kubesh Engineering Technician 651-358-4632 St. Paul
Brad Leibfried Easement Acquisition Specialist 651-539-2574 Marshall
Les Lemm Wetlands Section Manager 651-341-4208 St. Paul
Ed Lenz Southern Region Manager 507-766-5424 Marshall
Erin Loeffler Ecological Science Conservationist 218-850-1141 Duluth
Jim Luniewski Engineering Technician, Sr. 651-297-2622 St. Paul
Jeremy Maul Clean Water Specialist 507-766-9819 Rochester
Darren Mayers Board Conservationist 218-290-8384 Brainerd
Ben Meyer Wetland Specialist 612-201-9806 St. Paul
Rachel Mueller Executive Support 651-539-2587 St. Paul
Wendy Murphy Senior Financial Analyst 507-344-2815 St. Paul
Michael Nelson Legislative Coordinator 651-564-5250 St. Paul
Mary Norton Space & Facilities Team Lead 651-370-3159 St. Paul
Luke Olson Board Conservationist 507-591-6312 Marshall
John Overland Wetland Banking Specialist 218-203-4473 Brainerd
Barb Peichel Clean Water Specialist 651-296-6068 St. Paul
Bill Penning Conservation Programs Consultant 651-262-6403 Duluth
Aaron Peter Training Engineer - Southern Region 507-686-0003 Rochester
Teressa Pickar Grants Compliance Specialist 218-464-2238 Brainerd
Brittany Polzin Easement Acquisition Specialist Senior 651-539-2564 St. Paul
Lynda Ponting Wetland Specialist 218-349-1834 Bemidji
Ken Powell Wetland Conservation Act Operations Supervisor 651-215-1703 St. Paul
Nasir Qureshi IT Services Manager 651-356-3592 St. Paul
Kane Radel Wetland Mitigation Specialist 507-430-6211 Marshall
Barbara Radke Training Coordinator 507-884-0442 Mankato
Terry Ragan Water Resources Engineer 507-450-3644 St. Paul
Sumbal Rana Assistant Program Analyst 651-539-2592 St. Paul
Muneeza Raza Application Portfolio Manager 651-539-2526 St Paul
Sara Reagan Easement Programs Coordinator 651-539-2533 Marshall
Ashley Rezachek Communications Specialist 651-802-2749 St. Paul
Suzanne Rhees Special Projects Coordinator 612-875-1345 St. Paul
Alan Ritchie Assistant Program Analyst 651-539-2562 St. Paul
Dennis Rodacker Wetland Mitigation Supervisor 651-666-0913 St. Paul
Jacob Rossow Compliance Coordinator St. Paul
Cecelia Rost Office and Administrative Specialist 651-358-5401 St. Paul
Kevin Roth Easement Programs Coordinator 651-706-3673 Waite Park
Carrie Rust-Moline Office and Administrative Specialist 218-464-2505 Duluth
Jill Sackett Eberhart Board Conservationist 507-317-1680 Mankato
Scott Santjer Engineering Technician, Sr. 612-723-0298 Marshall
Anne Sawyer Board Conservationist 651-392-5064 St. Paul
Patrick Schultz Northern Regional Training Engineer 218-340-1632 Duluth
Jon Sellnow Technical Training and Certification Program Coordinator 218-340-3521 Duluth
Roxie Serreyn Office and Administrative Specialist 507-537-6060 Marshall
Chad Severts Board Conservationist 218-770-9620 Bemidji
Dan Shaw Senior Ecologist/Vegetation Specialist 612-236-6291 St. Paul
John Shea Board Conservationist 507-838-9423 Marshall
Pat Sherman Easement Data Specialist 651-539-2570 St. Paul
Udai Singh Modeling and Outcomes Coordinator 507-766-5020 St. Paul
Tim Smith Wetland Mitigation Consultant 651-769-5292 St Paul
Aaron Spence GIS Specialist 651-757-2655 St. Paul
Cade Steffenson Wetland Specialist 320-223-7073 St. Cloud
Renee Sutton Contracts Specialist 651-539-2595 St. Paul
Josh Swanson Project Engineer 651-443-2786 St. Paul
Carla Swanson-Cullen HR Technician 507-344-2826 Mankato
Jen Swartz Easement Acquisition Specialist 651-539-2572 Duluth
Patty Sweep Human Resources Director 651-802-2445 St. Paul
Lisa Sweep Accounting Technician 651-539-2597 Detroit Lakes
Karli Swenson Conservation Easement Specialist Lead 651-440-2456 St. Paul
Henry Van Offelen Clean Water Specialist-Red River Valley 218-849-5270 Detroit Lakes
Dusty Van Thuyne Easement Programs Coordinator 651-508-0000 St. Paul
Kelly Voigt Northern Regional Training Conservationist 218-850-0208 Brainerd
John Voz Easement Programs Coordinator 218-850-4283 Detroit Lakes
Pete Waller Board Conservationist 218-770-3802 Detroit Lakes
Amy Waters Wetlands Program Assistant 651-297-7748 St. Paul
Rita Weaver Chief Engineer 651-297-2907 St. Paul
Jason Weinerman Board Conservationist 218-330-2527 St. Cloud
Dave Weirens Assistant Director for Programs & Policy 763-229-4308 St. Paul
Tom Wenzel Senior Water Resources Engineer 651-296-0883 St. Paul
Ann Wessel Information Officer 651-272-8880 St. Cloud
Julie Westerlund One Watershed, One Plan Coordinator 651-600-0694 St. Paul
Marcey Westrick Central Region Manager 651-284-4153 St. Paul
Bruce Wilken Engineering Technician, Sr. 218-849-2820 Detroit Lakes
Bradley Wozney Clean Water Specialist 320-223-7071 St. Cloud
Amie Wunderlich Chief Financial Officer 651-539-2593 St. Paul
Peter Yang ITS5 Application Developer 651-757-2340 St. Paul
Mark Yrjo Engineering Technician 507-995-0209 Mankato