The following agencies (except EQB) will receive:

  • the notice of plan update;
  • the Priority Concerns Scoping Document (county water plans only),
  • final plan review draft,
  • and all proposed amendments.

Send only the final plan review draft to EQB.  All documents can be submitted electronically via email attachment, website link, or electronic storage device (jump/flash/thumb drive) unless otherwise noted. If submitting via a website link, the submittal must be posted to the website on or before the date of submittal and the document(s) posted should not be edited or removed until after the review period is complete.  BWSR must receive paper copy, an email attachment or electronic storage device of all submitted documents (website link not acceptable) in order to maintain a record of the submittal.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture
StatewideJeff Berg, Agency Policy 
Board of Water and Soil Resources*
Northern regionRyan Hughes, Northern Region
Central regionMarcey Westrick, Central Region
Southern regionEd Lenz, Southern Region

*Send to both the regional manager and board conservationist, see BWSR map.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources*
StatewideBarbara Weisman, Clean Water Operations

NW Region

Region 1

Nathan Kestner, Regional Manager, Ecological & Water Resources

NE Region

Region 2

Darrell Schindler, Regional Manager, Ecological & Water Resources

Central Region

Region 3

Dan Lais, Regional Manager, Ecological & Water Resources

Southern Region

Region 4

Tim Gieseke, Assistant Regional Manager, Ecological & Water Resources

*Send to statewide contact and appropriate regional manager, see DNR regional map

Minnesota Department of Health*
NWDan Disrud, Principal
NEChris Parthun, Regional
N of Metro
Chad Anderson, Regional
MetroAbby Shea, Planner
SWAmanda Strommer, Regional
SEScott Hanson, Regional

*Send to appropriate regional staff, see MDH map

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency