Online Training 

The MWPCP has developed the following training videos related to wetland identification and Wetland Conservation Act regulatory administration. Viewing of these videos is not eligible for MWPCP continuing education credits because they do not provide verification of who viewed them. However, they provide useful information, particularly for individuals that are relatively new to WCA and wetland science.

Wetland Delineation Videos:

The Three Wetland Parameters (10 mins, 37 sec)

Wetland Classification Systems (32 mins, 27 sec)

Offsite Methods (19 mins, 2 Sec)

Antecedent Precipitation (23 min, 50 sec)

Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) Videos:

WCA 101 - Basic WCA Administration (12 mins, 33 sec)

Local Government Unit Duties & Technical Evaluation Panel Procedures (22 min, 30 sec)

WCA Application Procedures (14 mins, 5 sec)

WCA Basic Decisions  (16 mins, 44 sec)

Wetland Replacement Plans (38 mins, 29 sec)

WCA Enforcement- Procedures & Roles (22 min, 31 sec)


Recorded Presentations:

The following videos are recorded presentations from the spring 2021 MWPCP virtual training courses:

Drainage Projects and WCA  (43 mins, 55 sec)

Local Government Road Wetland Replacement Program (51 mins, 50 sec)

Overview of Wetland Conservation Act & Public Waters Work Permit Program (50 mins, 10 Sec)


The following videos are excerpts of presentations MWPCP trainers gave during a recent Wetland Restoration webinar in collaboration with the BWSR Technical Training and Certification Program:

Wetland Functions and Values (8 mins, 37 sec)

Introduction to the Hydrogeomorphic Method (HGM) (8 mins, 19 sec)


More wetland videos can be found on BWSR's online training page.


David Demmer
Wetland Specialist