Tech Talks is a online training series organized by the Technical Training and Certification Program. Rotating speakers cover a wide variety of technical topics every Monday at 1:00. On occasion additional sessions may be scheduled at 9:00 in the morning to accommodate our presenters.

Miss a session you were interested in? We record every presentation and make replays available in the Online Learning section of the TTCP website.

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Tech Talks Schedule: Mondays at 1:00

October 5

9:00 am

Calculating Stocking Rates Join Lance Smith, NRCS Rangeland Specialist, to learn about calculating stocking rates by considering forage production, herd needs, and the management of the grazing system. A replay of this session is available here.

October 5

1:00 pm

Concrete Specifications, Inspection, and Cold Weather Considerations Patrick Schultz (TTCP Training Engineer) and Michael Krcmarik (NRCS Agricultural Engineer) will summarize the NRCS Concrete and Reinforcement construction specifications with an emphasis on cold weather concreting requirements to help with the approaching cold weather season. Tips for how to inspect projects according to the specifications and what to do when deficiencies are observed will also be discussed.
October 12 No session this day. Columbus Day
October 19 Nutrient Management Module 10: Soil Sampling and Testing Brad Carlson, UMN Extension, will review soil sampling requirements for nutrient management planning. This session will cover how to collect samples, where samples are analyzed, and what samples are tested for.
October 26 No session this day. There is no session this day due to BWSR Academy occurring this week.
November 2 Earthfill Compaction This is the third part of the Construction Inspection series. To be a designer and inspector on structural practices involving earthfill, you need to understand soil properties, compactive effort, machinery used on construction sites, and the importance of moisture.  Join Aaron Peter, TTCP Training Engineer, for this repeat presentation from the 2019 Basics of Construction Inspection class and Academy presentation.
November 9 Intro to Hydraulics TTCP Training Engineers Pat Schultz and Amanda Deans will dive into all things hydraulics. They will be giving an introduction into channel flow, orifice flow, weir flow, and pipe flow.
November 16 Nutrient Management Module 6a: Water Quality and Nutrients Join Dave Wall, MPCA, to learn about surface water nutrient impairments around the state and how they have been changing over time.
November 23 Nutrient Management Module 6b: Minnesota's Nutrient Reduction Strategy Dave Wall, MPCA, will discuss Minnesota's Nutrient Reduction Strategy and the implementation progress being made.
November 30 Tentative: Wetland ID & Ecology Basics - Part 1 More information coming soon!