Tech Talks is a online training series organized by the Technical Training and Certification Program. Rotating speakers cover a wide variety of technical topics at 1:00 on the identified Mondays.

Miss a session you were interested in? We record every presentations and make replays available in the Online Learning section of the TTCP website.

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Upcoming Sessions

Date Topic Description
January 10 Basic Survey  
January 24 Sheep and Goat Grazing and Browsing for Native Restorations

Join Audrey Lomax, Minnesota Native Landscapes, to learn about their ecological restoration projects. Audrey will highlight specific case studies, and go in depth on the use of goats in native restorations.

February 7 Bioreactors and Drainage Management Practices  
February 14 Agricultural Chemical Handling Facilities  
February 28 Irrigation Basics  
March 14 Pasture and Hay Planting - Species Selection  
March 28 Pasture and Hay Planting - Practice Standard  
April 25 Forage Harvest Management  

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