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Thank you 
for agreeing to share your knowledge and experience at BWSR Academy as a trainer! This page is created for trainers to provide information and resources to support you in your role as a trainer at BWSR Academy.

BWSR Academy Overview

Academy Goal

To provide high quality training for local government staff that maintains and improves the delivery of conservation work and meets the shared expectations of BWSR and local resource management boards.

2020 Online BWSR Academy

In response to COVID-19, BWSR has decided to move the Academy to an online format in 2020 using WebEx.  Please see “Resources for Trainers” below to learn how BWSR staff will be supporting trainers for preparation before and during the BWSR Online 2020 Academy.

Training Focus

We consider BWSR Academy a training opportunity for local government staff. Academy participants value practical and interactive training that directly supports specific skills and concepts they can apply on the job. Training sessions should be designed to engage the audience in their learning rather than simply providing information. To learn more about BWSR Academy priorities and guiding principles, please visit our BWSR Academy page.

What’s changing:

  • No registration fees in 2020!  Things are hard enough these days – we wanted to make something easy.
  • Reduced schedule.  
    • We want to ensure that trainers and attendees have a hassle-free experience, and fewer sessions means we can offer better coaching for online sessions to the trainers along with support and online back up.

What’s the same:

  • High Quality Training:  We are working with each trainer make sure attendees have the same interactive training experience they’ve come to expect from Academy.  “Hands-on” might look a little different this year – but we’re learning to adapt.
  • The Dates!  We still plan to hold Academy from October 27-29th. However, sessions will take place in the morning rather than all day.
  • Trainers can register for sessions they would like to attend.  Registration is available online and will close October 9.

Tips for Designing Your Session

  • Be sure the content of your training aligns with the title and description you provided on the Trainer Confirmation form.
  • Start with the end in mind by identifying the training goal(s) and the learning objectives to support your goal(s).
  • Online sessions should engage the attendees in their learning by being interactive. Examples include the use of case studies, group discussion, and opportunities to engage the audience in their learning.
  • Contact Barbara Radke (contact information below) if you’d like help finding ways to make your online session interactive.
  • Remember to leave 5 minutes at the end of your session for attendees to complete their Action Plan form.

Resources for Trainers

  • An online training for using WebEx will be offered in September.
  • Designing Effective Online Trainings will be offered to trainers on September 15 from 1:30-3:00 PM. Please mark your calendars and watch for an email with the WebEx link.
  • Moderators who will be available to coach trainers on the use of WebEx and online session design.  You will be contacted by your Moderator in early September.
  • Barbara Radke, BWSR Training Coordinator (contact information below)

Again, thank you for your contribution to making the 2020 Online BWSR Academy our best yet. Our local government partners appreciate your efforts, and we could not do this without you. See you virtually in October!



Barbara Radke
Training Coordinator