Academy Goal

To provide high quality training for local government staff that maintains and improves the delivery of conservation work and meets the shared expectations of BWSR and local resource management boards.

Guiding Principles

  • To provide a systematic training framework allowing LGU staff to improve their performance in delivering local conservation
  • To be practical for LGU use
  • To be cost-effective for LGUs to attend
  • To increase governmental efficiency in delivering BWSR programs
  • To use hands-on learning and case studies, when appropriate, to illustrate content
  • To promote peer-to-peer learning

Our Focus on Training

We consider this Academy a TRAINING opportunity for local government staff. Academy participants value practical training that directly leads to specific skills/concepts applied back on the job.

  • Our first priority is offering training sessions that improve the technical skills and administrative expertise that are useful in implementing BWSR-sponsored programs or those activities that are directly related to BWSR programs.
  • Additionally, there will be sessions dedicated to value-added skills as identified by our local government partners. A value-added training may not be commonly available to LGU staff and is not directly related to a BWSR program.

When preparing your presentation for this year’s Academy, please consider what you want the learners to be able to apply in their work as a result of your training session.

If you have questions regarding the focus/content of your Academy presentation, please contact BWSR Training Coordinator Barbara Radke at or (507) 844-0442 for assistance.

At the end of each session, participants will be completing a very simple “action plan” that outlines one thing they learned in the session and something they will implement/apply on the job. You should leave 5 minutes at the end of your session for this task.


By September 27, 2019, all trainers should complete the registration form on the BWSR Academy page.

When you are completing this registration form, please be sure to indicate which day(s) you will be a trainer at the BWSR Academy. The “registration fee waiver” is only available for the day(s) you are presenting. Also, be sure to register for the session for which you are a trainer.

If you plan on attending the Academy for more than the day you are presenting, please deduct one day’s registration cost for each day you are presenting from the total amount due.

You are invited to join us for lunch and attend other sessions during the day you train. While our agenda focuses on the needs of local governments, you are likely to find a session or two that would be of personal or professional interest.


If you choose to stay overnight, you will need to make your own lodging arrangements with the Breezy Point Conference Center. Please complete the lodging form on the BWSR Academy page and submit it to Breezy Point. BWSR will not make lodging arrangements for trainers unless you have made specific arrangements with BWSR staff regarding lodging.

Trainer Expenses

BWSR waives registration fees for all Academy trainers and provides lunch on the day(s) a trainer is scheduled to train.  If reimbursement is needed, the reimbursement request requires special approval by BWSR and the deadline for reimbursement requests was June 20, 2019. If you have questions about the registration fee waiver or reimbursement requests, please contact BWSR Training Coordinator Barbara Radke at 507-884-0442 or

Presentation Format and Equipment

Effective Presentations Training for BWSR Academy Trainers:

The Effective Presentations training is now being offered as a recorded training that trainers can view as their schedules permit. The recording is about one hour long. There is also a handout that accompanies the training. It is recommended that a printed copy of the handout is available when viewing the recording as references are made to the handout during the training.

If you are a new trainer to BWSR you are encouraged to attend this session.  If you have trained at BWSR Academy in the past, this is an opportunity to review and refresh your training skills.

The session will:

  • Talk about the challenges of presenting
  • Share how to design a session so that the message sticks
  • Talk about the importance of visual aids
  • Cover some PowerPoint dos and don’ts

If you have questions about this offering, please contact Barbara at

  • Attendees select sessions based on the session description you provided. Your presentation content should align with the session description.
  • Every attempt will be made to have the training room in the arrangement you selected on your trainer form, however given venue constraints we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  • Any requests for equipment not listed below or identified when you were working with the BWSR staff person who contacted you to be a trainer, must be provided to Sara Zimmerman ( by October 8, 2019.
  • As this is a training and not a conference, sessions should be interactive and engage the attendees to re-enforce skill building and application.
  • Each room will have a podium and a lapel microphone.
  • In addition, each room will have a LCD projector (VGA connection), screen, wireless internet access, flip chart, and markers.
  • There will be a laptop computer with Microsoft Office available for your use during your session.
  • While our laptops can handle generic PowerPoint presentations, if you are using any special features such as animation, sound, or links to external sites, we would recommend that you be prepared to use your own computer as we cannot guarantee that these features will work on our system.
  • Our support staff will be available to assist you in setting up before your session.
  • There will be a moderator for your session who will introduce the session and you by name and affiliation. The moderator will help as needed with questions at the end.
  • You should bring your presentation on a flash drive.
  • Trainers should not collect personal information from attendees during a training session nor should a trainer promote or market a specific entity or individual to provide a service.


BWSR does not make paper copies of Academy presentation handouts for trainers. If you have any handouts or other material for distribution during your session, that will be your responsibility. Please remember that participants are likely to be attending at least four presentations, so if you could have summary or key point sheet, attendees would appreciate the reduced paper load.

In mid-October, we will send you the number of participants who have registered for your workshop, so you can estimate how many copies to make.

Again, thank you for your contribution to making the 2019 BWSR Academy our best yet. Our local government partners appreciate your efforts, and we could not do this without you. See you in October!


Barbara Radke
Training Coordinator