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Thank you
for agreeing to share your knowledge and experience at BWSR Academy as a trainer! This page is created for trainers to provide information and resources to support you in your role as a trainer at BWSR Academy.

BWSR Academy Overview

Academy Goal

To provide high quality training for local government staff that maintains and improves the delivery of conservation work and meets the shared expectations of BWSR and local resource management boards.

Training Focus

We consider BWSR Academy a training opportunity for local government staff. Academy participants value practical and interactive training that directly supports specific skills and concepts they can apply on the job. Training sessions should be designed to engage the audience in their learning rather than simply providing information. To learn more about BWSR Academy priorities and guiding principles, please visit our BWSR Academy page.

COVID 19 Update

As of now, we are moving forward in planning the 2020 BWSR Academy. However, we are continuing to monitor the situation and considering options for delivering the Academy in the context of COVID-19. We will notify trainers as soon as possible if there is a decision made to change the delivery model for BWSR Academy.

What We Need from You

  • Please work with the BWSR staff person who contacted you to be a trainer and complete a Trainer Confirmation Form by July 20th. This form includes the final name for your session, session description, and names/contact information for all co-trainers.
  • Register for the BWSR Academy by September 25th. All trainers must register for Academy. A link to the BWSR Academy registration form will be available in August. The Academy registration fee is waived for the day of your session; however, trainers need to be included in the daily count of total participants.
  • Lodging reservation:  If you are planning to stay overnight at the Academy, a link to lodging reservation information will be available in August.
  • Equipment needs:  If your session requires special equipment beyond what is listed in the equipment section below, please contact Barbara Radke by September 25th.
  • Reimbursement: BWSR waives registration fee for trainers the day of their training and provides lunch the day of the training. If you need additional reimbursement, contact to Barbara Radke before July 6th.

Note:  During a session, we ask that trainers do not collect personal information from attendees or promote or market a specific entity or service.

Equipment Provided

The Academy will provide the following items for use by trainers at the Academy. Please contact Barbara Radke if you need equipment not listed.

  • Microphone (Handheld and podium)
  • Laptop with Microsoft Office Suite. If you plan to use special features within your PPT or presentation, we recommend you bring your own laptop to ensure the features are supported.
  • LCD projector with VGA connection
  • Projection Screen
  • Wireless internet access for your presentation. If wireless internet is needed by your audience, be sure to note this on the Trainer Confirmation form.
  • Flip chart and markers

Tips for Designing Your Session

  • Be sure the content of your training aligns with the title and description you provided on the Trainer Confirmation form.
  • Start with the end in mind by identifying the training goal(s) and the learning objectives to support your goal(s).
  • Sessions should engage the attendees in their learning by being interactive. Examples include the use of case studies, small/large group discussion, and hands on practice opportunities.
  • Remember to leave 5 minutes at the end of your session for attendees to complete their Action Plan form.

Resources for Trainers

  • An online training titled, "Effective Presentations," will be offered to trainers in August. Watch for an email with more details.
  • BWSR Training Coordinator (contact information below)

What You Should Bring

  • Copies of any handouts for attendees
  • Any supplies, such as pens and paper, for activities during your session
  • Your presentation on a flash drive

Miscellaneous Information

  • Every attempt will be made to have the session room in the arrangement you selected on your trainer form; however, given venue constraints we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  • Staff will be available to assist you in setting up before your session.
  • There will be a moderator for your session who will introduce the session and you by name and affiliation.

Again, thank you for your contribution to making the 2020 BWSR Academy our best yet. Our local government partners appreciate your efforts, and we could not do this without you. See you in October!



Barbara Radke
Training Coordinator