Disasters and emergency legislative funding occur frequently and usually unpredictably. These characteristics require a standard operating procedure for BWSR staff and LGUs to follow to optimize efficiencies, responsiveness, and legislative appropriations. In the event of a disaster, the program policy will provide BWSR staff and LGUs the needed implementation information and related processes of BWSR and other state and federal assistance providers.

Program Policy

DRAP Policy (pdf): Approved by BWSR Board May 24, 2017

Program Forms & Guidance

DRAP Guidance (pdf): Detailed guidance for implementation of the Disaster Recovery Assistance Program (DRAP) when state and/or federal assistance is needed in the event of a natural disaster. 

DRAP Survey Excel spreadsheet (xlsx): Form for surveying local damage, to be submitted to BWSR.

Grant Profile

DRAP Grant Profile

If you have questions regarding grant program policies, please contact your board conservationist.