Grant Description

The Disaster Relief Assistance Program (DRAP) provides technical and financial assistance to LGUs in the event of a declared disaster and other extreme environmental impacts.  Assistance focuses on installation or repair of erosion and sediment control and water quality and watershed protection projects.

Disaster Relief grants may appear in eLINK by the name of a specific legislative appropriation. Reporting and match requirements for Disaster Relief grants prior to FY 2014 may vary; please refer to your grant agreement or  check with your Board Conservationist if you have questions. Disaster relief grants issued in FY14 and beyond are issued under the Disaster Relief Assistance Program (DRAP) and are subject to that program’s policies and reporting requirements.

Reporting Overview

Disaster Relief grants do not require a workplan. However, expenses should be reported in eLINK, and a description of how the funds were used should be entered in the Actual Results field. The full amount of this grant is paid to the grantee upon execution of the grant agreement. As these grant funds are typically used for on-the-ground projects, the grantee should map completed projects and enter pollution reduction indicators within the Activity Details section in eLINK.

eLINK Reporting Requirements



Program Policy

Disaster Relief Assistance Program Policy

Administered by:


Funding Request completed in eLINK:

No (N/A)

Proposed Indicators in Funding Request:


Exempt from eLINK reporting:


Additional Report Attachment:


Non-eLINK reporting required:


Work Plan Required:


Match Requirement:

No match requirement

Activity Details (Practices & Indicators):




Rates & Hours:


Payment Schedule:

100% Advance Payment

If you have questions regarding grant program policies, please contact your board conservationist.