Program and reporting details for other programs, such as legislatively directed funding, will appear on this page when such funding is available.


Lawns to Legumes Demonstration Neighborhoods

Grant Profile: Lawns to Legumes Demonstration Neighborhoods

FAQ: Acceptable Vegetation and Expenses for Lawns to Legumes Demonstration Neighborhood Grant

Performance Review and Assessment Program (PRAP)

PRAP Program

Grant Profile: Performance Review and Assistance Program (PRAP)


Legislatively Directed Grants

Area II Administrative Services Grant

Area II Minnesota River Flood Retention Grant

Red River Basin Commission Administrative Services Grant

Minnesota River Dredge Management Grant

Other Grant Programs

Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)

Wellhead Protection Partner Grants Pilot Program

Conservation Corps of MN

Grant Profile: Conservation Corps of MN



If you have questions regarding grant programs, please contact your board conservationist.