Grant Description

Wellhead Protection Partner Grants (Pilot) provide grants to LGUs for establishing perpetual or long-term protection of wellhead protection areas where state-held easements are not viable or desirable. Although staff time is not an eligible expenditure under this grant, it may be used as in-kind to achieve the match requirement.

Reporting Overview

Grantees are required to develop a work plan. Work may not begin under the grant until the work plan has been approved and the grant agreement has been executed. Any on-the-ground projects or BMPs should be reported and mapped in eLINK. Grant is subject to annual reporting and other GAM requirements.

If you have questions regarding grant programs, please contact your board conservationist.

eLINK Reporting Requirements




Program Policy:Wellhead Protection Partner Pilot Program Policy
Administered by:BWSR
Funding Request completed in eLINK?No (N/A)
Proposed Indicators in Funding Request:No
Exempt from eLINK reporting:No
Additional Report Attachment:No
Non-eLINK reporting required:No
Work Plan Required:Yes
Match Requirement:10%
Activity Details (Practices & Indicators):Yes
Rates & Hours:No
Payment Schedule:May vary, check your grant agreement