Grant Description

These grants provide funding and assistance for habitat enhancement implementation. This cost-share grant program is made possible through an appropriation from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF). The program is focused on restoring and enhancing strategically located, diverse native habitat across Minnesota to benefit populations of pollinators and beneficial insects as well as overall plant and animal diversity.

Reporting Overview

All grantees are required to report on the outcomes, activities, and accomplishments of grants. All BWSR funded projects are required to develop a work plan, including detail of each eligible activity, a description of the anticipated activity accomplishments, and grant and match funding amounts to accomplish each of the activities. All activities will be reported via the eLINK reporting system. For more information about eLINK, go to:

• BWSR funds will be administered via a standard grant agreement. BWSR will use grant agreements as contracts for assurance of deliverables and compliance with appropriate statutes, rules and established policies. Willful or negligent disregard of relevant statutes, rules and policies may lead to imposition of financial penalties on the grant recipient.

• Grant recipients must display program goals and major program activities on a fact sheet (or a separate webpage) that is linked to their website.

• Reporting deadlines will be 30 days after quarter end to submit reimbursement receipts.


HELP Program Request for Proposal Webinar

HELP Program Request for Proposal Presentation (pdf)

eLINK Reporting Requirements



Program Policy

FY23 Habitat Enhancement Landscape Pilot Program Policy (pdf)

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Funding Request Completed in eLINK

Yes (FY23 RFP)

Proposed Indicators in Funding Request


Exempt from eLINK Reporting


Additional Report Attachment


Non-eLINK Reporting Required


Work Plan Required


Match Requirement


Activity Details (Practices & Indicators)




Rates & Hours


Payment Schedule

Reimbursement (quarterly). Requests may be submitted once quarterly, with quarterly deadlines on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

The grant agreement stipulates that quarterly reporting (with or without payment request) is due by the final date of each quarter. Please note that we will allow a 10 day grace period in quarterly reporting to balance complete reporting for each quarter with timely processing of payments (subject to approved reports). For example, reporting for the quarter ending March 31st must be submitted by April 10. The December 31st report is required regardless of whether payment is being requested, as it fulfills the annual reporting requirement.

BWSR recognizes that due to lag time in local board approval of invoices, payment on expenditures from a previous quarter may need to be requested on a future report.



Jason Beckler
Ecological Science Conservationist