Grant Description

Cooperative Weed Management grants are available to Cooperative Weed Management Areas (CWMAs), which are partnerships of federal, state and local government agencies along with tribes, individual landowners and various other interested groups that manage noxious weeds or invasive plants in a defined area. Cooperative Weed Management grants provide funding to manage invasive species across LGU boundaries, control emerging weed threats, and facilitate the removal of invasive species.

Reporting Overview

The Cooperative Weed Management grants are subject to the requirements outlined in the grant agreement, State Cost Share rules, and the policies within BWSR’s Grants Administration Manual.

A workplan must be approved before work can begin on this grant. The workplan should be developed in eLINK using the activities proposed in the application, although BWSR may require additional details at this stage.  The workplan will lock upon submittal to BWSR for approval, preventing edits to the approved budget but allowing you to enter expenses and reporting details as work is completed.

eLINK Reporting Requirements



Program Policy

State Cost Share

FY24 Conservation Contracts Policy

Administered ByBWSR
Funding Request Completed in eLINKYes
Proposed Indicators in Funding RequestYes
Exempt from eLINK ReportingNo
Additional Report AttachmentNo
Non-eLINK Reporting RequiredNo
Work Plan RequiredYes
Match Requirement

FY20 & FY22 - 25%

FY24 - 10%

Activity Details (Practices & Indicators)No
Rates & HoursNo
Payment ScheduleFY20, FY22 & FY24: 100% Advance.