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Purpose: This page provides guidance on how to complete a grant agreement from BWSR. If you have any questions on how to complete a specific grant agreement, please contact your Board Conservationist.

Accessing Your Unexecuted Grant Agreement or Amendment

As of March 2023, all grant agreements and amendments are now distributed via DocuSign.

Every organization receiving grants from BWSR should have one and only one designated Day-to-Day Contact for the organization in eLINK. The grant agreement or grant amendment will be routed to the organization's Day-to-Day Contact to sign via DocuSign. While the agreement or amendment can be assigned to another individual (e.g. a board member) for signature, we are not able to route the document to multiple individuals simultaneously.

After signing the agreement or amendment in DocuSign, the document will automatically be routed back to BWSR for signature by BWSR's authorized representative. Note that if your grant has a work plan requirement, BWSR cannot execute a grant agreement until the initial work plan has been approved.

Accessing Your Executed Grant Agreement or Amendment

When the grant agreement is executed in eLINK, your organization’s Day-to-Day Contact will automatically receive an email notification. Access your executed grant agreement or amendment in the Attachments tab of the grant in eLINK.


Kari Keating
Grants Specialist