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Purpose: This page provides guidance on how to access and complete a grant agreement from BWSR. If you have any questions on how to complete a specific grant agreement, please contact your Board Conservationist.

Accessing Your Unexecuted Grant Agreement or Amendment

An email notification will automatically be sent to your organization’s designated Day-to-Day contact when BWSR issues a grant agreement to your organization. Anyone assigned to your organization can access the grant agreement after it is issued, but the notification will only go to the eLINK user who has been designated as the Day-to-Day contact.

To access your grant agreement, sign in to eLINK. You can either access the document through the Document Library or through the individual grant's Attachments tab. 


To access the document through the Document Library:

  1. Click on the Track button at the top of the screen, then click on Document Library.
  2. From the Document Library screen, scroll down to Attachments to find the Unexecuted Grant Agreement(s).
  3. Click on the view/download icon  to download the agreement (Microsoft Word .doc file).

To access the document through the Attachments tab:

  1. Search for the grant in the home screen grants grid, and click on the  adjacent Edit (pencil) icon.
  2. Within the grant record, click on the Attachments tab, and scroll down to find the Unexecuted Grant Agreement or Amendment.
  3. Click on the view/download icon  to download the agreement (Microsoft Word .doc file).

Completing Your Grant Agreement or Amendment

  1. Begin by reading your grant agreement thoroughly. Questions regarding the agreement or processing of grant agreements should be directed to your Board Conservationist.
  2. The following items must be completed in order for BWSR to process and execute the agreement:
    • Authorized representative’s title, address, city, and telephone number
    • Approver’s signature, title, and date
  3. After you have completed this information, you will need to print, sign, and date the document.
  4. Email your signed agreement or amendment as a scanned PDF to BWSR.grants@state.mn.us.
  1. Do not begin work on the grant activities until you have confirmed the grant agreement has been executed. Your organization’s Day to Day Contact will receive an email notification confirming execution. Grant agreements cannot be executed and funds cannot be released by BWSR until all grant-specific requirements have been completed. Grant agreements are considered to be executed when they have been signed by the grantee and BWSR. BWSR policy allows grants to be withheld if the grantee is past due on progress reports for other State grants or non-compliant with other BWSR policies and requirements. 

Accessing Your Executed Grant Agreement or Amendment

When the grant agreement is executed, your organization’s Day-to-Day Contact will automatically receive a notification email from eLINK. Access your executed grant agreement or amendment using the same steps outlined above under "Accessing your Unexecuted Grant Agreement or Amendment."


Kari Keating
Grants Specialist