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Purpose: This page discusses when and how to link an activity--that is, to fund an activity through more than one grant in eLINK.

When to Link Activities

There are times when an activity may be funded by more than one grant in eLINK.  In these situations, the activity must be linked to both grants in the system.  Linking associates the activity and its related data, such as on-the-ground practices and pollution reduction indicators, with both grants, streamlines the tracking process, and eliminates the need to double-enter the activity. It also safeguards against double-counting the practices or pollution reduction estimates.

How to Link Activities

Before starting, identify the Grant Title where the activity originated, and the name of the Activity.

  1. Log into eLINK, and go to the Grant Activities page for the grant you wish to use to continue the activity.
  2. Click on Add a New Activity, and the Add New Activity page will open.
  3. Select the grant where the Activity originated, then select the Activity.
  4. Click Save, and you'll see a popup confirmation that the Activity has been saved.
  5. Click OK, and you'll be returned to the Activity window. You'll see a "link" icon at the top of the page, indicating that the Activity is linked to more than one grant.

How to Unlink an Activity

To unlink an activity, your Work Plan (if applicable) must be In Process. You will not be able to unlink an Activity or make other edits to Activities if your Work Plan is in Submitted or Approved status.

  1. Log into eLINK, find the grant in the Grant page, and click on the Edit or View action icon to go to the Grant Activities page for the grant from which you wish to unlink the Activity.
  2. Find the Activity in the Grant Activities page, and click on the adjacent Edit icon.
  3. Click the Remove Activity from Current Grant button to unlink the Activity.