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Purpose: This page discusses when and how to link an activity--that is, to fund an activity through more than one grant in eLINK.

When to Link Activities

There are times when an activity may be funded by more than one grant in eLINK.  In these situations, the activity must be linked to both grants in the system.  Linking associates the activity and its related data, such as on-the-ground practices and pollution reduction indicators, with both grants, streamlines the tracking process, and eliminates the need to double-enter the activity. It also safeguards against double-counting the practices or pollution reduction estimates.

How to Link Activities

Before starting, be sure to have the activity and the grant ID for the grant under which the Activity was created available.  Begin by navigating to the Workplan for the grant to which you want to link the Activity (the “new” grant funds you will be using to continue a pre-existing Activity). Click on the “Link Existing Activity to Grant” button and a new window will open.

  1. Step 1: In the first dropdown, select the current grant. 
    1. Step 1b – Competitive Grants Only: Grants that originated in the system through an application will have this step which establishes a connection between the planned indicators of an activity in the application and the final indicators of the linked activity. Selected a planned activity entered during your original application under Activity and Budget if the linked activity to be selected in step 2 will be applied to the planned indicators of this activity.  Select “Activity Not Associated with Original Grant Application” if the linked activity to be selected in step 2 does not need to be applied to the planned indicators of the original application.
  2. Step 2: Start typing the activity name in the auto complete field and select the activity to associate with this Grant.  The list of activities includes all activities with which you are associated, and includes the grant ID under which the activity was originally entered in eLINK.
  3. Select the Save button, then the Close button.
  4. Select the Add New Activity Budget button and the grant from step 1 above; the activity selected in Step 2 above will now appear in the activity list for this grant. Follow the instructions above for adding the a new activity budget above, selecting the source type of Current State Grant.

Make sure you finish all four steps. If you do not add an Activity Budget for your linked Activity, it will not show up within your “new” grant’s Workplan Activities screen.