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Known eLINK issues and frequently asked questions will be reported here, along with instructions on how to proceed and estimated time to resolution (if known).


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Grants  page

We are aware of an issue when someone clicks the "refresh" button on the Grants page where it displays the list of grants. a global list of grants displays. Please click on Grants > Grants to return to your grant list and avoid using the "refresh" button.


Grant Activities (Grant Work Plans)

If an LGU has an approved Work Plan and the LGU needs to make edits to the Work Plan the LGU will need to reach out to their Board Conservationist for assistance to have the Work Plan unlocked.


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Manage Activity page

If you are trying to link activities across organizations please reach out to your Board Conservationist for assistance.


Progress Reporting

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Team Membership 

If you come across team members that should be added to the team membership list, and you have "Edit" permissions, you can "Add" those team members yourself. If you search for a name and the name doesn't come up, it is possible that the person doesn't have a Contact Type of eLINK user. This would require an eLINK support ticket or an email to elinksupport@state.mn.us requesting to add the contact type of eLINK user to the user's record.



Reports & Attachments

Financial Reports are no longer required, and therefore not available in the user interface. The financial report has been replaced by a checkbox attesting to the accuracy of the reporting information in the Progress Report screen.

Expenditure Report data is separated into two tabs: Summary and Expenditures. This allows the expenditures to be more easily filtered or sorted.

If you need to delete an attachment please reach out to your Board Conservationist for assistance.


Grant Agreements and Amendments