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Purpose: BWSR policy #15-43 (which replaces #10-55) allows local government to determine the amount of grant and match to allocate for program administration of the Local Water Management, Wetland Conservation Act, and Shoreland components of the Natural Resources Block Grant. This page provides guidance on how to report activities and spending when flexing spending across NRBG allocations.

If an organization chooses to flex spending across programs, each activity reported should clearly identify within the activity name which program the dollars are being used for. The activity and match should be reported under the grant where spending occurs.

In the example below, Stormy County will be using a portion of WCA dollars for Local Water Management activities. An activity budget has been created for “WCA flex funds used for LWM Monitoring” under the WCA grant.

Grant questions should be directed to your Board Conservationist

NRBG Flex Spending eLINK example