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Purpose: This page provides guidance on how to report Nonstructural Land Management Practices (NLMPs) where a contract is implemented over multiple years, and where the practice location may change each year.

NLMP Reporting Decision Tree:

Decision tree for determining how to report multi-year practices under a nonstructural land management contract.

1. Is the contract length more than 1 year?

If no, enter 1 Activity Detail.

  • Count of Activities = 1
  • Map location(s)
  • Lifespan = 1 year
  • Size = enter applicable amount
  • Installed Date = date practice installed
  • Enter indicators for practice

If yes, go to question 2.

2. Is the practice located in the same location(s) each year?

If yes, enter 1 Activity Detail.

  • Count of Activities = 1
  • Map location(s) once
  • Lifespan = contract length (# of years practice implemented
  • Size = annual amount (NOT total for all years)
  • Installed Date = date first year of practice is installed
  • Indicators should be entered as an annual amount (Ex. tons/year)

If no, enter a separate Activity Detail for each year. Example: 3 activity details for 3-year contract.

  • Count of Activities = 1
  • Map location(s) as appropriate for each year
  • Lifespan = 1 year
  • Size = amount implemented each year
  • Installed Date = date practice is installed each year
  • Indicators should be entered for each year

Note: In instances where the grant agreement expires before the end of the NSLMP contract, please map as close to the proposed practice location(s) as possible for each year of the practice life