Grant Description

The Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) is a composite of base grants available to local government units that help them implement programs designed to protect and improve water resources.  All counties are required to pass ordinances regulating SSTS countywide.

All counties that have enacted countywide ordinances and have a BWSR approved locally adopted comprehensive local water plan are eligible to receive this grant. No local match is required. The grant amount is determined by equal county allocations.

SSTS program details can be found on MPCA’s website at SSTS program and application questions should be addressed to Brandon Montgomery at MPCA at (651) 757-2230 or Questions on eLINK reporting should be directed to your BWSR Board Conservationist.

Reporting Overview

Grant recipients are required to report on grant outcomes, activities, and accomplishments in eLINK according to the requirements outlined in the grant agreement and policies within BWSR’s Grants Administration Manual.   The SSTS grant does not require a workplan. Expenses should be reported in eLINK, and a description of how the funds were used should be entered in the Actual Results field, e.g. “Funds used to administer SSTS program.” The full amount of this grant is typically paid to the grantee upon execution of the NRBG grant agreement or, in the case of the second year of a biennial grant agreement, will be paid after July 1 of the second fiscal year. However, program timing for SSTS grants may necessitate that they are issued on a separate grant agreement from other NRBG programs, and/or they may require annual grant agreements.

eLINK Reporting Requirements



Program Policy


Administered By


Funding Request Completed in eLINK

No (N/A)

Proposed Indicators in Funding Request


Exempt from eLINK Reporting


Additional Report Attachment


Non-eLINK Reporting Required

Yes - SSTS annual report to MPCA required by Feb 1

Work Plan Required


Match Requirement

No match required

Activity Details (Practices & Indicators)




Rates & Hours


Payment Schedule

100% Advance Payment


Gwen Steel
Grants and Reporting Specialist