Optional and example forms within the Grants Administration Manual include forms and example documents that have been made available for use, but are not required of any grant program.*

*For FY23 & older State Cost-Share grants, the BWSR-provided forms indicated with a "*" below are still required where applicable.


Billing Rates Option 1: + 10% F&A (xlsx) (updated 7/8/21)

Billing Rates Option 2: + Calculated F&A (1-9 Emp. (xlsx)) (updated 7/8/21)

Billing Rates Option 2: + Calculated F&A (1-25 Emp. (xlsx)) (updated 7/8/21)

BWSR Billable Rate Video (mp4) (updated 10/21/21)

Conservation Practice Assistance Contract Workbook (xlsm) (updated 4/15/24)

*Contract Amendment

*Contract: Percent Based (updated 8/22/23)

*Contract: Flat Rate (updated 8/22/23

Contract Approval Letter (docx) (updated 8/22/23)

Contract Denial Letter (docx) (updated 8/22/23)

*Corrective Action Plan Status (docx) (updated 8/22/23)

*Corrective Action Transmittal (doc)  (updated 8/22/23)

Fixed Asset Template (xlsx) (updated 10/20/2021)

Forestry Small Acreage Assessment (doc) (updated 6/14/21)

*Group Addendum for Contract

Incentive Contract and Voucher (docx) (updated 8/22/23)

Invoices/Receipts Detail Video (mp4) (updated 10/20/2021)

*Mortgagee Consent Corporation (docx) (updated 1/17/17)

*Mortgagee Consent Individual (docx) (updated 1/17/17)

Personnel Activity Report:  Activity Only (xlsx) (updated 8/17/16)

Personnel Activity Report: Activity + Description (xlsx) (updated 8/17/16)

*Practice Site Inspection Form (docx)

Program Log & Disbursement Journal (updated 8/22/23)

Program Project Log Sample 1 (xlsx)

Program Project Log Sample 2 (xlsx)

Project Checklist (docx) (updated 6/14/21)

*Recording Form Corporation (docx) (updated 1/17/17)

*Recording Form Individual (docx) (updated 1/17/17)

Technical Assessment (docx) (updated 6/14/21)

Time and Effort Documentation Video (mp4) (updated 10/20/2021)

*Voucher and Certification: Flat Rate (xlsx) (updated 6/14/21)

*Voucher and Certification: Percent Based (updated 8/22/23)



If you have questions or find errors with any of the documents on this page, contact BWSR.grants@state.mn.us.