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The Implementing Practices section of the GAM details procedures for activities that construct practices and projects, including items such as: processing conservation practice contracts, operation and maintenance guidelines, vegetation guidelines, and pertinent forms. The provisions within this section may be required by a specific grant program.

Implementing Contracts with Land Occupiers (updated 7/1/2017)

Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Practices (updated 7/1/2016)

Vegetation Requirements (updated 7/1/16)

Recording Conservation Practices (updated 1/17/17)

Conservation Practice Contract: Flat Rate Word document (docx) (updated 07/01/2018)

Conservation Practice Contract: Percentage Based Word document (docx) (updated 07/01/2018)

Conservation Practice Contract Amendment Word document (docx) (updated 07/01/2018)

Group Addendum for Conservation Practice Contract Word document (docx)

Practice Site Inspection Form Word document (docx)

Voucher and Certification: Flat Rate Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) (updated 1/31/2018)

Voucher and Certification: Percent Based Excel spreadsheet (xlsx) (updated 1/31/2018)

Mortgagee Consent Corporation Word document (docx) (updated 1/17/17)

Mortgagee Consent Individual Word document (docx) (updated 1/17/17)

Recording Form Corporation Word document (docx) (updated 1/17/17)

Recording Form Individual Word document (docx) (updated 1/17/17)