Effective Date: 07/01/2017



Many BWSR Grants are distributed in three installments; 50% after execution of the grant agreement, 40% once the grantee has expended the first amount and provided BWSR with documentation of expenditures, and 10% after final requirements are met. This document outlines the requirements for requesting reimbursements or payments.  See the Terms of Payment section of the grant agreement to determine if a grant has a reimbursable component.  

For grants of $50,000 or more, additional supporting documentation such as purchase orders, receipts and payroll records for financial reconciliation is required, unless a particular grant program is exempt from the Office of Grants Management policies 08-08 and 08-10.  Financial reconciliation occurs after a substantial portion (at least 70%) of grant funds have been expended and must be completed prior to payment of the final 10% and grant closeout. BWSR staff may request more detailed financial and project information if grant compliance is unclear or noncompliance is suspected.

Initial Advanced Grant Payments (50% of grant funds)

BWSR allocates the initial payment of grant funds only after:

  1. A work plan has been completed in eLINK and approved by BWSR staff;
  2. The grant agreement has been officially executed and the grantee notified to begin work; and 
  3. Grantees are in compliance with all relevant grants management policies for previously-awarded BWSR grants.

Second Advanced Grant Payments (40% of grant funds)

The grantee may request the second installment when:

  1. The grantee has reported in eLINK that 50% of the grant funds have been expended in accordance with the work plan and submits an eLINK status change.
  2. An eLINK Financial Report that summarizes expenditures for the first 50% must be signed by the grantee and a scanned copy is emailed to the Board Conservationist.  The Financial Report serves as the official request for payment from the grantee to BWSR.
  3. If the grant award was $50,000 or greater, the grant may need to be reconciled before the payment can be released; grantees should check with their Board Conservationist or Grants Compliance Specialist for applicability of this requirement.
  4. BWSR authorizes the second advanced payment upon approval of the eLINK reporting, review of the Financial Report, and possibly the grant reconciliation.

Final Grant Reimbursement Requests

The last 10% of reimbursement grants will be paid after the grant project is finished, all final reporting requirements are met, and the grantee has provided BWSR with a documentation of final expenditures.  See the Closing Out a Grant section of this manual for details.


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Previously titled Reimbursement Requests. Updated format, removed out-of-date information, and included information about reconciliation.