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The General Fund is base funding established by the legislature that provides BWSR the resources and capacity to fulfill its basic statutory obligations.  The majority of administrative expenses and salaries are covered out of general fund dollars. 

A significant component of general funds include dollars appropriated for grants to SWCD’s and other local government units to provide soil and water resource conservation services. In the 2020-2021 biennium, 11% of BWSR's overall budget came from the General Fund. While historically it has accounted for the majority of state dollars appropriated to BWSR, the number has declined steadily as Legacy Funding has continued to develop and grow.

The General Fund encompasses the primary powers and duties of the Board. 

MN Statute 103B.101 Subd (9) states that the Board shall:

coordinate the water and soil resources planning and implementation activities of counties, soil and water conservation districts, watershed districts, watershed management organizations, and any other local units of government through its various authorities for approval of local plans, administration of state grants, contracts and easements, and by other means as may be appropriate