FY23 marks the final year that the State Cost-Share Program is being offered, as this program has been replaced by the Conservation Contracts Program effective FY24.

State Cost-Share Program

The Erosion Control and Water Management Program, commonly known as the State Cost-Share Program, was created in 1977 to provide funds to Soil and Water Conservation Districts to share the cost of systems or practices for erosion control, sedimentation control, or water quality improvements that are designed to protect and improve soil and water resources. Through the State Cost-Share Program, land occupiers can request financial and technical assistance from their local District for the implementation of conservation practices.

The purpose of this policy is to provide specific requirements for the implementation of funds appropriated to BWSR associated with the Erosion Control and Water Management Program. BWSR's Grants Administration Manual provides the primary framework for local management of all state grants administered by BWSR administration. Exceptions or addition to that framework will be identified in this policy.

Policy, guidance, and forms can be found in the Tools & Resources section below. Additional forms are available in the BWSR Statewide Grants Administration Manual within the "Implementing Practices" section.

Program Policy

Policies for current and previous fiscal years are available on the Grant Program Policies page under Erosion Control and Water Management Program Policies.

Tools and Resources

Annual Grant Request Guidance

eLINK Guidance: Creating an SWCD State Cost-Share Workplan

Annual Grant Request Traditional Example

Annual Grant Request Nonstructural Land Management Practices Example

Annual Grant Technical Assistance Option Example