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The Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF) is one of two appropriations BWSR receives from revenue created by the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment, approved by voters in 2008. OHF funding works for the restoration, protection, and enhancement of wetlands, prairies, forests, and habitat for fish, game, and wildlife. 

In the 2020-2021 biennium, 13% of BWSR's budget came from the OHF. BWSR’s OHF dollars support the state ReInvest in Minnesota (RIM) Reserve Program, which provides permanent protection on private lands through conservation easements.  From wild rice shoreland protection to wetland restorations and buffers as part of the MN CREP, OHF support has been critical in work toward meeting statewide resource goals.

For more information about OHF, visit the Legacy website.

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