Effective Date: 07/01/2017



The following items are recommended to be identified in local program policies and/or are considered best practices in local management of a grants program.  Depending on the item, program, and/or local needs, policies can be identified on a project-by-project or annual basis. 

  • Policy to identify staff skills, training, credentials, or other means to insure Technical Quality Assurance is achieved and projects are installed and maintained according to standards and specifications. This may include:
    • Identification of a technical assistance provider for each practice
    • Establishment of practices standards for design, construction, operation, and maintenance
    • Procedures for practice certification
    • Procedures for periodic practice or project inspection
  • Policy that sets criteria for practice or project selection. This may include:
    • Location of the project or practice in a priority watershed and/or proximity to a priority resource identified in the local water plan;
    • Ability of the project or practice to address one or more priority issues identified in the local water plan;
    • Consideration of other land uses and activities in the area, such as the amount of upland treatment/control of the contributing watershed;
    • Ability of the landowner to meet Project and Practice Assurances, such as operation and maintenance and recording of practices; and/or
    • Other criteria as appropriate.
  • Policy that sets local financial assistance rates to be less than or equal to rates set by the State Board. This may include:
    • Percentage-based rates
    • Incentives rates and/or durations
    • Maximum flat rates for specific practices, in-kind services and/or materials provided by land occupiers
  • Local requirements for implementing non-structural land management practices, such as requirements for erosion control and water quality improvement.
  • Local policy and procedures for addressing conservation practice assistance contract noncompliance.
  • Policy for delegation of authority to sign contracts and supporting program documents from the grantee’s elected or appointed board to grantee’s staff.
  • Policy setting threshold costs for equipment and for fixed assets (see Allowable and Unallowable costs)
  • Policy setting fee for service rates and equipment rental rates. 

Other policies as necessary and applicable to the program.


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