Grant Description

This competitive CWF grant provides funding for farmers [via local government units] who own or rent land to enhance the adoption of cover crops and other soil health practices in areas where there are direct benefits to public water supplies.

Reporting Overview

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A workplan must be approved before work can begin on this grant. The workplan should be developed in eLINK using the activities proposed in the application, although BWSR may require additional details at this stage.  The workplan will lock upon submittal to BWSR for approval, preventing edits to the approved budget but allowing you to enter expenses and reporting details as work is completed.

Eligible activities may include:

  • Alley Cropping 311
  • Conservation Cover 327
  • Contour Buffer Strips 332    
  • Cover Crop 340    
  • Critical Area Planting 342
  • Field Border 386    
  • Filter Strip 393    
  • Forage and Biomass Planting 512
  • Forest Stand Improvement 666    
  • Multi-story Cropping 379    
  • Prescribed Grazing 528    
  • Residue and Tillage Management (No-till) 329    
  • Riparian Forest Buffer 391
  • Silvopasture 381
  • Tree and Shrub Establishment 612
  • Windbreak/Shelterbelt Establishment 380  
  • Windbreak/Shelterbelt Restoration 650    

Eligible practices are NOT limited to those above. In addition, local priority or supporting soil health practices may be eligible but applicants need to provide justification and obtain Board Conservationist and program manager.

Grant recipients are required to report on grant outcomes, activities, and accomplishments in eLINK according to the requirements outlined in the grant agreement and policies within BWSR’s Grants Administration Manual.  Clean Water Fund grant agreements stipulate that the grantee must “comply with requirements for project signage.” The logo may be displayed on legacy-funded construction projects; at access points to any land or water resources restored, protected, or enhanced through Legacy funds; or on printed and other materials funded with money from one or more of the funds. The Legacy logo should be prominently displayed on the grantee’s website.

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Program Policy

Clean Water Fund – Subject to all CWF requirements, including use of the Legacy logo.

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Rates & Hours

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